held on July 10, 2019


Mayor Lawrence A. Ceriello

Deputy Mayor Jennifer Noone

Trustee Antonio D’Angelo

Trustee Anthony M. Sabino

Trustee Joseph Williams

Robert Morici, Morici & Morici, LLP

The reciting of the Pledge of Allegiance, said by all.

Motion to open the BOT meeting was made by Deputy Mayor Noone, seconded by Anthony Sabino and approved by all. Mayor Ceriello opened up the Board of Trustees meeting.


The minutes for the June 12, 2019 Board of Trustees meeting were amended by Trustee Noone and approved by all (amendment to the Road Improvement Section included a misspelling and inclusion of paving Burnham Place).

LOCAL LAW 3 - 2019

Gerard Morici, Moricic &Morici, read local law amending Article 1 of Chapter 132 of Village Code: “Peddling and Soliciting” in the Incorporated Village of Munsey Park, including ammendments to the requirements thereof and the hours permitted (Local Law 3 – 2019 is available at Village Hall or on our website under Codes). Trustee Sabino made a motion to adopt Local Law 3 - 2019, seconded by Trustee Williams and approved by all. An official copy of the transcript is annexed to these minutes.


Qu resident – 21 Alston Place

Paul Bloom, Harras Bloom & Archer - 445 Broad Hollow Road, Melville, appeared on behalf of the Qu’s of 21 Alston Place. The Qu’s received a violation issued from the Munsey Park’s Building Department referring to a violation of section 878-D of the Munsey Park Code (During the progress of the construction a set of plans and the statement of specifications bearing the certification stamp or signature of the Board's representative at all times shall be kept on the premises involved. All work shall be carried on in strict accordance with such plans and specifications). Mr. Bloom explained that his client, Mr. Qu, worked as his own general contractor. He explained that the work performed contrary to approved plans was not done in a purposeful way but rather by an unfortunate error. As of today, the portico and the platform does not conform to the approved plan with a discrepancy of 30 inches. The work involved to bring the portico to total conformity is quite extensive with an estimated cost of up to $30,000 for the homeowner. Mr. Bloom appealed to the BOT for relief stating that the portico is not inconsistent with other homes in the community. Norman Nemic, North Shore Architecture, came up with a solution to mitigate the visual impact by placing two additional columns closer to the front door. Mayor Ceriello explained that the Village has a BAC (Building Advisory Committee) for a reason and they work with homeowners extensively to come up with an approved plan. Mayor Ceriello believes that the Qu’s error was not deliberate but the fact remains that what was approved was not built. The Mayor acknowledged that the Qu’s have already made a large investment to construct this beautiful house and therefore, he and the BOT agreed to the installment of two additional same-sized columns.


JUSTICE REPORT: The Monthly Justice Report for June 2019 was presented by Trustee Sabino with total fines assessed in the amount of $4,124.00.

POLICE REPORT: The Police Report for July 2019 was presented by Trustee Sabino, stating 8 Auto Accidents, no Burglary-Residence, no Burglary-Business, no Robberies, no Larceny-Auto incident, 2 Larceny (other than auto) incidents, 1 Criminal Mischief incidents and a total of 76 summonses (73 movers, 3 Parkers).

BUILDING REPORT: The Building Report was presented by Trustee Sabino, stating that between June 1, 2019 and July 3, 2019, a total of 31 permits have been issued totaling $10,452.00 in Building Permit Fees.


Deputy Mayor Noone updated the Board on the Village’s 2019 Road Improvement Project. The project went out to bid almost two weeks ago and the bid opening will be on Thursday, July 18th at noon at Village Hall. Village engineer, Jim Antonelli, will receive all the bids and provide the BOT with the results. The BOT will meet on July 22, 2019 to vote on a contractor. The winning contractor will then have to submit all paper work, issue appropriate bonds, sign contracts and look at their work schedule to provide the Village with an anticipated start date.


Trustee Williams updated the Board on the condition of Copley Pond. The water level of the pond was raised by the road crew and it looks noticeably better. Trustee Williams looked into several solutions to improve the aesthetics of the pond. One viable solution is to install a sub-surface aeration device. Adding a sub-surface aeration system is a great way to boost water quality and oxygen levels while maintaining the natural appearance of the pond. This style of aerator has four diffuser modules that sit at the bottom of the pond, connected by weighted tubing which is in turn connected to an air compressor. The compressor pumps much-needed air to the bottom of the pond, ensuring adequate oxygen levels during hot summer months. Benefits include more oxygen, clearer water, lower mosquito infestations, no maintenance, ten-year life expectancy with a cost of $4,200 total including installation. Another option is to add dye to the pond to enhance its visual appeal, it also plays a major part in limiting amount of sun exposure the pond receives. Trustee Williams also discussed the geese population at Copley and offered a solution using a Border Collie decoy that moves in the wind and deters geese and other unwanted varmint. Trustee Williams is going to look into having a possible “trial run” using one or two sub-surface aeration devices.

A Motion to close the meeting and go into executive session was made by Trustee Sabino and seconded Deputy Mayor Noone and unanimously approved. The meeting was adjourned at 8:37 pm.

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Lawrence A. Ceriello Tara Gibbons

Mayor Treasurer/Clerk

AuthorMaureen McLean