held on June 12, 2019


Mayor Lawrence A. Ceriello

Deputy Mayor Jennifer Noone

Trustee Antonio D’Angelo

Trustee Anthony M. Sabino

Trustee Joseph Williams

Robert Morici, Morici & Morici, LLP

Paul Pepper, Morici & Morici, LLP

The reciting of the Pledge of Allegiance, said by all.

A motion to open the meeting of the planning Board was made by Trustee Sabino, seconded by Trustee Williams and approved by all. Mayor Ceriello called the meeting to order at 7:33 pm.


The Planning Board approved the O’Neill Preliminary Subdivision (A copy of the transcript will be annexed to the minutes in the Minutes Book at Village Hall).

Motion to close the meeting of the Planning Board was made by Anthony Sabino, seconded by Deputy Mayor Noone and approved by all.

Motion to open the BOT meeting was made by Deputy Mayor Noone, seconded by Anthony Sabino and approved by all. Mayor Ceriello opened up the Board of Trustees meeting.


The minutes for the May 8, 2019 Board of Trustees meeting were approved by all.


Trustee D’Angelo reported That Village taxes are due by July 1, 2019. In addition, he reported that Village expenses for the month were approximately $111,000 with $40,000 going towards garbage removal, $12,000 for healthcare insurance, $15,000 for the Village Engineer and the remaining balance for Village maintenance.


The Mayor reported that in 2017 the BOT passed a resolution establishing a position of a Village Administrator and the position was never filled. Subsequent events have proven that position to be unnecessary. The mayor proposed the following resolution:

WHEREAS, on May 10th, 2017, the Board of Trustees Passed a Resolution establishing the position of Village Administrator;

WHEREAS, on May 10th, 2017 an appointment was made; however, said appointee refused appointment and the position was never filled;

WHEREAS, the Position of Village Administrator has never been filled and is not a necessity to the Village at the current time;

BE IT THEREFORE RESOLVED, the Position of Village Administrator of the Incorporated Village of Munsey Park, which was created by Resolution of the Board of Trustees on May 10th, 2017, be and hereby is abolished.

The forgoing resolution was moved by Trustee Noone and seconded by Trustee Williams, and upon a voice vote, adopted unanimous.


JUSTICE REPORT: The Monthly Justice Report for May 2019 was presented by Trustee Sabino with total fines assessed in the amount of $6,813.00

POLICE REPORT: The Police Report for April 2019 was presented by Trustee Sabino, stating 3 Auto Accidents, no Burglary-Residence, no Burglary-Business, no Robberies, no Larceny-Auto incident, 1 Larceny (other than auto) incidents, 1 Criminal Mischief incidents and a total of 26 summonses (25 movers, 1 Parkers).

BUILDING REPORT: The Building Report was presented by Trustee Sabino, stating that between June 1, 2019 and June 5, 2019, a total of 3 permits have been issued totaling $1,600.00 in Building Permit Fees.


Deputy Mayor Noone updated the Board on the Village’s 2019 Road Improvement Project. The project includes new curbing, asphalt and belgian blocks for South Eakins Road, Bellows Lane and Stuart Road and the repaiving of Burnham. Deputy Mayor Noone added that the project is a few weeks behind schedule because our Village Engineer had some grading issues. We should be receiving the bid books this week. The end of July/beginning of August is the anticipated construction date.


305 Kensett Road – Application for a Rear Yard 6 foot Fence on the Village Boundary

Trustee Sabino made a motion to approve the application for a 6 foot fence in rear yard, seconded by Deputy Mayor Noone and approved by all, with Trustee D’Angelo abstaining.

Movie Night – June 24, 2019

Teresa McCabe, co-chair of children’s events for Munsey Park Woman’s Club, presented to the board the details of the Village’s Second Annual Movie Night which will take place at Waldmann Park on June 24th at 8:30 pm. The movie this year will be the Mighty Ducks. The Village has agreed to pay for the screening costs associated with this event. The rain date will be on June 25th. The MP road crew will put up no parking signs and will notify the 6th precinct of this event.

Meadow Carting/385 Ryder Road Dispute

The residents of 385 Ryder Road allege Meadow Carting had caused damage to their newly paved driveway. Meadow Carting tried several times to power wash the driveway but it could not get it back to its original condition. The homeowner had to have the driveway fixed by a mason and incur the associated costs. The homeowner came before the Board to ask for assistance to recover their costs from Meadow Carting. The Mayor explained that the Board cannot establish guilt from one party to the other, however, he agreed to communicate with Meadow to try to establish a resolution.

74 Revere Road – Regrading Application

The BOT approved the regrading at 74 Revere Road. The homeowner’s landscape architect will be meeting with our Village Building Inspector on Friday, June 14th to discuss the architectural drawings. These drawing are required based on the land survey and will include materials for the patio and landscaping.


Abe Bronchtein

Zhang Qu

A Motion to close the meeting and go into executive session to discuss litigation and personnel matters was made by Deputy Mayor Noone, Seconded by Trustee Sabino and unanimously approved. The meeting was adjourned at 9:42 pm.

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Lawrence A. Ceriello Tara Gibbons

Mayor Treasurer/Clerk

AuthorMaureen McLean