held on September 17, 2019


Mayor Lawrence A. Ceriello

Deputy Mayor Jennifer Noone

Trustee Antonio D’Angelo

Trustee Anthony M. Sabino

Trustee Joseph Williams

Paul Pepper, Morici & Morici, LLP

The reciting of the Pledge of Allegiance, said by all.

Mayor Ceriello announced the names of the Village residents who lost their lives on September 11, 2001: Thomas Burke, Paul R. Casio, James Connor, Joseph J. Dickey, Jr., John F. Iskyan, Timothy C. Kelly and Frank Salvaterra.

Motion to open the BOT meeting was made by Trustee Sabino, seconded by Deputy Mayor Noone and approved by all. Mayor Ceriello opened up the Board of Trustees meeting at 7:35 pm.


The minutes for the July 8, 2019 Board of Trustees meeting were approved by all.


• JUSTICE REPORT: The Monthly Justice Report for July 2019 and August 2019 was presented by Trustee Sabino with total fines assessed in the amount of $5,198.00 and $6,367.00 respectively.

• POLICE REPORT: The Police Report for July 2019 was presented by Trustee Sabino, stating 2 Auto Accidents, no Burglary-Residence, no Burglary-Business, no Robberies, no Larceny-Auto incident, no Criminal Mischief, 1 Larceny (other than auto) incidents and a total of 86 summonses (75 movers, 11 Parkers). The Police Report for August 2019 indicates 3 Auto Accidents, no Burglary-Residence, no Burglary-Business, no Robberies, no Larceny-Auto incident, no Criminal Mischief, 1 Larceny (other than auto) incidents and a total of 43 summonses (31 movers, 12 Parkers).

• BUILDING REPORT: The Building Report was presented by Trustee Sabino, stating that between June 1, 2019 and September 11, 2019, a total of 63 permits have been issued totaling $50,564.00 in Building Permit Fees.


Trustee D’Angelo stated that the Village had two non-recurring items on our financial statements for July and August which were cleaning one hundred catch basins for $14,500 and repairing the storm drains for $6,000. These costs are in addition to the Village’s current Road Improvement Project.


Deputy Mayor Noone updated the Board on the Village’s 2019 Road Improvement Project which includes Bellows Lane, Stuart Place and South Eakins Road. The project is well underway with the concrete curbing already removed and the current installation of the belgium block. The next phase will be milling and paving the roads which will also include Burnham Place. Deputy Mayor Noone stated that this project completes the worst roads in the Village (those indicated in red) as stated in the comprehensive road report. The Village will continue to follow the comprehensive road report as a guide for future road projects.


Mr. Carili, 74 Revere Road, spoke to the Board regarding his proposed landscape plans. Mayor Ceriello and the Board of Trustees agreed that the current proposed plans do not meet the Village’s Code. The Mayor requested a new landscape plan that indicates the differentiated and specific types of plants to be used and their location which should be in a staggered formation. Mayor Ceriello also reiterated that nothing can be planted in the Village ROW (Right of Way). Mr. Carili agreed to submit the new proposed plans to Deputy Clerk McLean which will be forwarded to the BOT for approval.

Mr. Tarantino, 98 Trumbull Road, came before the BOT to appeal the BAC’s decision to repaint the clapboard on the rear of the house to the color that was originally approved. Mr. Tarantino states that he did not fully understand that when he submitted the grey color to the BAC that he was locked into that specific color but rather thought it was just an indication that the paint color would be in the grey family. After much discussion over the BAC responsibilities and great respect for their process, it was unanimously decided, with one abstention from Deputy Noone, that the current paint color can remain.

A Motion to close the meeting and go into executive session to discuss personnel matters was made by Trustee Sabino and seconded Trustee D’Angelo and unanimously approved. The meeting was adjourned at 8:52 pm.

Questions and Comments were received from the following residents:

Ms. Toth

Ms. Stempian

Mr. Hayes

Mr. Concannon

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Lawrence A. Ceriello Tara Gibbons

Mayor Treasurer/Clerk

AuthorMaureen McLean