Incorporated Village of Munsey Park
Board of Trustees update
March 20, 2014

The Board of Trustees would like to update the residents on some important issues and upcoming meetings regarding projects that will affect the Village.

AROUND THE VILLAGE: Village Elections are complete, Justice Turano was re-elected to the bench for a 4 year term, Jennifer Noone and John Lippmann have been elected to the Trustee positions and will each serve 2 year terms. The new terms start on April 1 and each will be sworn in at the Board of Trustees meeting on April 9. We are proud there is such a high level of interest to serve our community in Munsey Park. The candidates are our friends and neighbors and all deserve to be thanked for offering their time and energy for the Village. In the end, the residents are the ultimate winners by having the ability to choose from candidates that each care about the Village and are willing to volunteer their time in pursuit to make it a better place for all of us. The Board would like to thank Trustee Auriemma for her hard work, commitment, and dedication to the betterment of the Village.


The Planning Board has set a public meeting for Tuesday, April 29 at 7:30pm to hear final discussions regarding the proposed subdivision application at 80 Bellows Lane. All residents are welcome to attend to express any concerns or support they may have for the plan.

2014/15 BUDGET: The Board will discuss the budget for the next fiscal year at our April 9 Board Meeting, 7:30pm.


This Monday, March 24 at 7pm PSE&G will host an informational meeting at Harbor Links Golf Club to discuss their ongoing pole replacement project. This project has many residents of the Manhasset/ Port Washington communities concerned given the sheer magnitude of the poles being installed to handle the higher voltage lines. The PSE&G plan calls for these poles to be installed on the Munsey Park side of Northern Blvd and will significantly impact the characteristics of the street while running a significantly higher voltage line past homes and Munsey Park School. Again, we encourage all residents with concerns to attend the meeting to voice your concerns. Village officials will also be in attendance at this meeting.


The MLWD has set April 4 as a tentative date for a public meeting to discuss their plans for the Water Tower replacement and service upgrade project. The Board encourages all residents who are concerned about the MLWD’s current 18-24 month proposal, to join Village officials at this meeting to learn more and voice any concerns. The meeting will be held at the TONH, and as soon as the details are finalized we will get them to residents and post on our website.

COPLEY POND PROJECT: The Munsey Park Women’s Club has launched their Buy a Brick campaign and by all accounts participation has been strong. Any residents interested in participating in the campaign can reach out to Erin Cunningham at

SAFETY: Please continue to be diligent as we move into the spring and call 911 with any suspicious activity around the Village.

VOLUNTEERS: If any residents have a desire to get involved with the Village in some capacity please reach out to Mayor DeMento or any of the other Trustees. Currently there are positions open for those interested in the Building Advisory Committee.

We always end these updates with the invitation to reach out to any trustees with any questions or concerns. The Board wants to hear from you, please contact any of us to discuss concerns or ideas you may have with any aspect of the Village.

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