July 12, 2017

PRESENT:                                                                        ABSENT:    
Mayor Frank DeMento                                                   None
Deputy Mayor John Lippmann
Trustee Patrick Hance
Trustee Lawrence Ceriello
Trustee Jennifer Noone      
Robert Morici, Village Attorney
Paul Pepper, Village Attorney
Maureen McLean, Deputy Clerk

The Mayor called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m.

MINUTES for the meeting of June 1, 2017 were approved by all with corrections.
CLAIMS for April/May were presented, as detailed in the Abstract of Vouchers in the amount of $217,743.21.  After review, the Board approved all for payment. 

JUSTICE REPORT for June, 2017 was submitted and stated revenues in the total amount of $6,791.00. 

Mayor Frank DeMento explained that the term of the Village Clerk, Barbara Miller, expired and she was not re-appointed as Village Clerk and retired from her position.  After consideration of 14 applicants for the position of Village Clerk, Mayor DeMento appointed Tara Gibbons to two-year term as Village Clerk.  Ms. Gibbons is a Manhasset resident and holds a BA in Business Administration, with a minor in Communications from Molloy College, as well as a Master's in Education from Hofstra University.  Mayor DeMento also re-appointed Deputy Village Clerk, Maureen Mclean to a one-year term and Robert Farrer was appointed to the Zoning Board of Appeals for a five-year term. 

Following public discussion (including an opportunity to question the Board), Motion by Frank DeMento to approve Village appointments, seconded by Patrick Hance and voted on as follows:
Mayor Frank DeMento –    YES
Deputy Mayor John Lippmann –   YES
Trustee Lawrence Ceriello-  YES
Trustee Patrick Hance –    YES
Trustee Jennifer Noone –    YES
Trustee Jennifer Noone updated the board on the status of Inness Place.  The Village signed the contract with contractor, United Paving Corp., on June 28, 2017.  James Antonelli, the engineer hired to oversee the project, is finalizing the equipment requirements under the contract and construction should begin shortly. Trustee Noone informed residents that the contractor will provide notice of a start date for construction to all Inness residents and that the Village will post these dates on the website for all Village residents. 

Mayor Frank DeMento explained that the Village in cooperation with and financial assistance by the Munsey Park Woman’s Club has considered the renovation and re-landscaping of Waldmann Park.  The project has been planned for about two years. The Mayor recognized the hard work and perseverance of Dr. Audrey Garvin of the Munsey Park Woman's Club.  Dr. Audrey Garvin spoke of the project and informed the residents in attendance that the MPWC raised $33,230 towards the project; 124 residents donated funds to purchase 4 benches, 17 trees, 107 engraved bricks, 3,000 square feet of pavers, and several engraved rocks.  The Mayor thanked Senator Elaine Phillips for the $50,000 grant that she awarded to the Village for the project.  This grant now saves the Village the $50,000 budgeted for the park.  The savings will remain in the general fund and be reallocated in the next budget cycle. 
Tony DiProperzio had reviewed the plan and determined that the plan is ADA compliant and is DEC compliant.  The plans of the project are posted on the Village website.  Additionally, the Mayor informed the board that the beautification project was put out to bid and was awarded to Grounds Guys who will complete the project for $47,200. 

Motion by Trustee Noone to approve the plans of the Waldmann beautification project and award the bid of the project to Ground Guys, seconded by Trustee Ceriello and approved by all.
Anthony DiProperzio presented the plans for the Village walkway explaining the ADA requirements and lighting specifications.  Additionally, the Mayor discussed the walkway plans that will connect Congregational Church parking lot and the entrance to the auditorium at the Munsey Park Elementary School by crossing a portion of Village property. The Mayor informed those in attendance that the walkway will allow safe access to the school for the elementary students whose parents must now park on Village streets or walk along Northern Boulevard to accompany their children to and from the school at drop off and pick up.  The walkway will also provide a safe alternative to residents who park on Village streets to attend special events at the school.  The Mayor opened the meeting up for discussion and comments for almost an hour.  Residents from Sargent Place and Allston Place provided comments and concerns regarding increased vehicle traffic along their blocks and parents using Sargent Place as a drop off point.  Trustee Ceriello ensured these residents that the Village would make every accommodation to prevent parents using their blocks as an extension of the school’s driveway by not allowing the circle to become a pick up and drop off location. 
The Mayor thanked Senator Elaine Philips for awarding the Village a $50,000 grant and to County Legislator Richard Nicolello who awarded a $70,000 grant to the School, for a total of $120,000, for the walkway project. The project is currently out to bid.  Dr. Jean Kendall, (Principal of Munsey Park Elementary School), Rosemary Johnson (Deputy Superintendent of Manhasset Public Schools), Armand Markarian (District Director of School Facilities), Noreen Labenne (SCA - Munsey Park President), Lisa Grygiel (SCA - Executive President), and Peggy Sica (MPWC Co-Presidents) were in attendance to advocate the necessity for the walkway.  A rendering of the approved project is available on the Village website.
Motion by Mayor DeMento to approve the plans of the Village walkway, seconded by Trustee Hance and approved by all.

Motion to close the hearing made by Mayor DeMento, seconded by Trustee Lippmann and confirmed by all.

_____________________                                                        ___________________________
Frank DeMento, Mayor                                                             Maureen McLean, Deputy Clerk    



AuthorMaureen McLean