BOARD OF TRUSTEES
                                                           September 13, 2017

PRESENT:                                                                   ABSENT:             
Deputy Mayor John Lippmann                                  Mayor Frank DeMento
Trustee Patrick Hance                                               Trustee Jennifer Noone
Trustee Lawrence Ceriello                    
Robert Morici, Village Attorney
Paul Pepper, Village Attorney
Tara Gibbons, Treasurer/Clerk
Maureen McLean, Deputy Clerk

Deputy Mayor John Lippman called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m.

MINUTES for the meeting of July 12, 2017 were already approved and posted on Village website.

JUSTICE REPORT for July and August 2017 was submitted and stated revenues in the total amount of $21,670.00.  After questions by the Trustees, the report was accepted.

Trustee Ceriello offered updates on road construction work and tree removal and replacement efforts.

Trustee Lippmann announced the names of the Village residents who lost their lives on September 11, 2001 and provided a moment of silence: Thomas Burke, Paul R. Casio, James Connor, Joseph J. Dickey, Jr., John F. Iskyan, Timothy C. Kelly and Frank Salvaterra.
Trustee Lippmann opened the meeting to questions/comments.

Ms. Miller expressed her concerns regarding Waldman Park, a Village arborist and the sidewalk in front of Munsey Park School.

Mr. Givney expressed his thoughts regarding the agenda for monthly meetings.

Motion to go into executive session made by Deputy Mayor John Lippmann, seconded by Patrick Hance and confirmed by all.

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Frank DeMento                                 Tara Gibbons                                        

Mayor                                                Treasurer/Clerk

AuthorMaureen McLean