As Winter Break approaches, the Village would like to update you on the various improvements and issues that are going on in our community.  We hope you have a safe and fun-filled President’s week.

ROADS:  The Village is in the preliminary phases of the Hawthorne Place and North Eakins road improvement project.  Survey work will take place this month to prepare the roadway and driveway specs for the project and we will keep residents updated as each phase arises.  The Village has received an additional $165,000 from the state and will use the funds for various road improvements as indicated by the comprehensive road plan conducted last year, which is posted on the Village website.  Last year, the Village completed the repaving of Inness Place and the intersection of Manhasset Woods Roads and Bellows Lane.  Additionally, various cutouts, asphalt repairs, and curb replacements were conducted throughout the Village.  We will continue to conduct minor road repairs this year as we prepare for the next road improvement project.  We plan to undertake at least two major road projects each year.  Once the Village pays off the current 2007, $2,750,000 public improvement serial bonds that mature in 2020, the Village will have approximately $300,000 in additional funds to put towards road repaving.

TREES:  In 2017, the Village completed the maintenance and pruning (where necessary) of the trees on Park Avenue and Manhasset Woods Roads.  In addition, we replaced the London Plane Trees and White Oaks along both roads where trees were missing.  In 2018, we expect to continue with our tree replacement program where needed throughout the Village.  Any residents interested in having a tree planted along the street in front of their home, should contact Village Hall.

IMPROVEMENTS:  The Village is at the mid-point in renovating the landscaping on the north and south sides of the Park Avenue hill, one of the main entrances to the Village.  We expect to plant flowering perennials on both sides of Park Avenue and eventually add flowering trees to the landscape. The Village is also considering adding landscape lighting to illuminate the walkways on both sides of the hill.  We expect all residents will be delighted with these modest and cost-effective yet beautiful improvements.

VILLAGE FINANCES:  We are in the process of preparing the budget for the 2018-2019 fiscal year, which begins on June 1 of this year.  We will present the budget at our April board meeting.  As we put together our budget we are currently projecting no tax increase for the upcoming year. We are able to keep taxes flat as the Village received state money to assist in the road paving projects, park project and other upgrades around the Village.  Some of these funds were not needed and added to our general fund. In the coming year, we will continue to focus on ensuring that our costs are contained and that we focus on our roads and the proper care and safety of the trees that line our village.

GAS LINES UPGRADE: National Grid in collaboration with Asplundh Construction Co.will be upgrading the gas lines along the north side of Park Avenue (east of Manhasset Woods Road), Burnham Place and Strickland Place.  Work is expected to commence the beginning of April with the project concluding by the end of June.  National Grid will schedule directly with each affected homeowner for hookup to the new lines.

POLICE: In response to complaints about west-bound cut-through traffic on Eakins Road and Ryder Road during the morning rush, NCPD has increased enforcement on those cut-through streets during that time. Please be aware of this increased police presence. If you do not see increased police presence, please let us know.

MUNSEY PARK CRIME STATISTICS: Below is the Police Report for the month of January 2018.
Burglary Residence: None
Burglary Business: None
Larceny Auto: None
Larceny (other than auto): None
Criminal Mischief: None
Summonses for Moving Violations: 28

PLANNING BOARD DECISION 170 MUNSEY PLACE: The Application for the subdivision of the property located at 170 Munsey Place was denied.  The vote was as follows:
Frank DeMento, Mayor  Nay
Jennifer Noone, Trustee  Nay
Patrick Hance, Trustee  Aye
Lawrence Ceriello, Trustee    Nay
John Lippmann, Trustee  Absent

TRUSTEE APPOINTMENT: Last month, Patrick Hance resigned from the Board of Trustees citing time constraints due to new business endeavors.  To fill his seat, the Mayor appointed Antonio D’Angelo, who served on the Village Architectural Review Board. Antonio is a Partner in the New York office of Deloitte Tax LLP and is the U.S. National Tax Managing Partner of the Consumer & Industrial Products Industry. Antonio has more than 20 years of experience in public accounting with extensive experience serving large multinational public and privately held companies. Antonio is a Certified Public Accountant (NY) and a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and the New York State Society of Certified Public Accountants.  Antonio has an undergraduate degree from Hofstra University and a master of taxation from St. John’s University. Antonio resides on Abbey Road with his wife and three children.

NEW AMERICAN ARTISTS:  As everyone may know, the roads in Munsey Park (excepting Park Avenue and MWR) are named after American artists and prints of some of these artist most famous works are displayed on the walls of Village Hall. The Village would like to invite Village residents of all ages to participate in a new endeavor which we are calling "New American Artists" - we would welcome suitable works of art prepared by residents for a limited display in Village Hall.  More to follow on this program.

ELECTION:  On March 20th, the Village will hold elections for two Trustee positions and for Village Justice.  The polling location will be at Munsey Park Village Hall from 12Noon until 9pm.

Mayor                       Frank DeMento           
Deputy Mayor          John Lippmann           
Trustee                     Larry Ceriello                 
Trustee                     Antonio D’Angelo        
Trustee                     Jennifer Noone                 

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AuthorMaureen McLean