Shared Services Conference:

NY State Legislature (Part BBB of Ch. 59 of L. 2017) requires the County Executive (CE) to prepare a Countywide Shared Services Property Tax Savings Plan. As is relevant for us, the Mayor of Munsey Park is a required member of the panel and each member must submit its proposed shared services plan to the panel for a vote. All proposed plans from each member will be joined into one Countywide Plan which requires a majority vote to be approved to the State.

Highlights to be aware of:

Each member’s proposed plan is to be submitted (on the provided form which they are working on converting into a fillable pdf) by 6/5/17.

  • Each proposed plan is to provide an estimate of the tax savings believed to be made from the share services.
  • If a member is unable to provide a proposed plan to the panel by 6/5/17, the panel is seeking a statement in writing as to why the member was unsuccessful.
  • CE is then to take all the proposed plans and make one Countywide plan, (3) public hearings are to be held, proposal to be submitted to County Legislature, modifications and/or revisions from County Legislature, and then during the week of 8/28/17, panel to vote on final Countywide proposed plan (further itemized dates included in handout).

There are no penalties itemized for non-compliance. The speakers kept referring to seeking a “good-faith” effort from all members. If these good-faith efforts are unsuccessful they just seek that each year new efforts are made.

AuthorMaureen McLean