Dear Resident:

We respectfully remind you that the residents with sidewalks must clear snow and ice
from the sidewalk adjacent to their home. It is critical that all the walks are cleared. 
One uncleaned section effectively eliminates access to the sidewalk for the entire block.
The safety of our residents and children depend on everyone doing their part.

If you are unable to accomplish the snow and ice removal yourself, please make arrangements
for someone else to do so or contact the local schools or churches for volunteers.
The responsibility is yours and the Village must enforce this code requirement.

Section 157-7 of the Village Code provides that snow or ice
must be removed “within eight hours after snow ceases to fall”.  The time between 9:00pm and 7:00am is not including in the eight hour period.  If your sidewalk is not cleared within 24 hours, after the snowstorm ceases, you will receive a summons.

The Fire Department has also asked us to remind you to keep fire hydrants outside your homes clear.

It is also important that you clear a path to your garbage cans so that the carter
can safely perform their duties. They will not pick up garbage if a path has not been cleared.

Winter has just started and your continued cooperation is greatly appreciated.

Very truly yours,


Barbara C. Miller

AuthorBarbara Miller