Incorporated Village of Munsey Park

Board of Trustees Update                                           November 2014

The Board of Trustees would like to wish all our residents a Happy Thanksgiving.With a pending storm expected to reach our region late Wednesday, and some recent crime in the area, we felt it was important to communicate some Village safety protocols, and pass along additional information from PSEG in case of power failures.

VILLAGE CRIME: Unfortunately our community has been thetarget of some recent burglaries. With the Holidays upcoming we ask all residents to be diligent with securing their homes and cars.

  • Please keep your homes and cars locked at all times, most of the burglaries have been opportunistic in nature and can strike at any time.
  • Keep valuable out of site in your homes, again these crimes were opportunistic in nature, breaking back windows or doors to grab visible valuables or quickly search bedrooms.
  • Keep an eye out for neighbors’ homes that may be on vacation.
  • If you see any suspicious activity call 911.

VILLAGE SNOW REMOVAL: The Village will have our Utility Crew on standby monitoring the storm forecasts throughout the day Wednesday, and for that matter any day a storm is expected. If we do indeed get snow they will monitor any accumulation on the Village Streets and respond appropriately with a sand/ salt mixture and plowing. In any storm we would remind residents to please keep cars off the streets to assist our efforts to clear the roads. We would also remind residents with sidewalks to do their best to clear those sidewalks within 24 hours of the storm. As always please take time to be mindful of elderly residents offering assistance if needed.

PSEG:Please be aware that snow can cling to tree branches and any remaining leaves, causing branches to fall onto electric wires. PSEG Long Island responds to power outages and electric emergencies 24 /7 and will have personnel on hand to handle any outages. If necessary, contractors, including tree crews, will be available to assist our own skilled workforce.


First check your neighborhood. If you are the only one without power, check your fuse box for tripped circuit breakers or blown fuses. If that’s not the problem, look outside at the wire between your house and the utility pole. If it is down, report it immediately to PSEG Long Island by phone.

Report a power outage using any of the following methods:

  • Mobile devices: Text “OUT” to PSEGLI (773454). You’ll receive ongoing updates about the status of your outage. If you’re not registered, text REG to PSEGLI (773454) or visit My Account.

If you call and receive an automated response, please follow the prompts, as it is designed to route your call to the right destination. If you have specific information regarding damage to wires, transformers or poles, please stay on the line to speak with a representative to provide that information.

General outage activity throughout our service territory is also available online and on our mobile website at Updates are posted during severe weather.

PARKING AROUND THE SCHOOL: The Board of Trustees has implemented theparking changes discussed in the last newsletter. As mentioned, we continue to work with the residents affected by these changes and plan to make any necessary changes once the parents understand the new parking pattern. We also plan to further discuss these changes during our December 10 Board of Trustees Meeting.

CURB YOUR DOG: The Village continues to receive multiple complaints a month regarding dog owners not appropriately curbing their dogs. Members of the Board of Trustees have also personally witnessed residents throwing bagged dog waste into storm drains. Dog owners should review the Villages laws regarding control, and curbing of dogs on our website at These laws were put in place to give residents the appropriate safeguards and considerations from dog owners in our Village. If these complaints continue, the Village will discuss if implementation of our enforcement and licensing laws is necessary. As a note, please be considerate to your neighbors, and dispose of dog waste in appropriate garbage cans either in the parks or your home.


Munsey Park will provide our final leaf collection service, Monday December 1st.Bagged leaves only should be placed on the curbside. Six (6) bags per pick up

This special collection is the only time that any leaf bags may be placed at the curb.

Please note that the Village Code prohibits the blowing or raking of leaves into the street. If you have gardeners, please advise them of this regulation.

VILLAGE COMPLAINTS/ CONCERNS: The members of the Board of Trustees has been elected to listen to you, please feel free to contact any Board Member to discuss concerns or ideas you may have with any aspect of the Village. The Village Clerks log all calls, emails, and letters sent to Village Hall by concerned residents and disseminate that log with any action items taken to all the trustees once a week. If you have a complaint or a concern the most effective way to have that processed is to either email a Trustee or the Village Clerk directly. Any written correspondence should be sent to Village Hall so that too may be logged appropriately.

ADDITIONAL MAILINGS: The Village intends on emailing future agendas prior to upcoming meetings to encourage as many interested residents as possible to attend meetings, and share their views on topics.

VOLUNTEERS: If any residents have a desire to get involved with the Village, please reach out to Mayor DeMento or any of the other Trustees.

NEXT MEETING: Our next meeting will be Wednesday, December 10 at 7:30pm.

For additional information please visit our website at

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact any of the trustees:

Mayor                        Frank DeMento         

Deputy Mayor           Sean Haggerty           

Trustee                       Patrick Hance             

Trustee                       John Lippmann          

Trustee                       Jennifer Noone         

AuthorVillage Administrator