Incorporated Village of Munsey Park
Board of Trustees update                                                                             January 13, 2014

The Board of Trustees would like to wish everyone a Happy and Healthy New Year. We hope all of our residents enjoyed the Holidays. We also wanted to update the residents on what has been going on in and around the Village and some plans we are looking forward to in 2014.

AROUND THE VILLAGE: We are happy to report the radio tower erected by the MLWD has been removed. We are pleased the leadership at the MLWD responded to residents’ concerns in a timely manner. We also want to thank the residents directly affected for their patience and understanding while we worked to negotiate a suitable resolution.

TECHNOLOGY:  The Board is happy to announce that the Village has a new website. The new website will enable residents to obtain and submit Village forms electronically. It also contains information on every aspect of the Village. We encourage all residents to visit the site at Updating and simplifying the site was no easy task and we want to thank Munsey Park resident, Jeff Franchetti for donating so much of his time. Jeff has also been working in Village Hall to update our technology needs in what has been another great example of a Munsey Park resident donating their expertise to improve the Village.

IMPROVEMENTS: We are also happy to announce the Village, in partnership with the Munsey Park Woman’s Club and the SCA, installed a new sidewalk outside the main entrance to Munsey Park Elementary School. The sidewalk will provide a safe walkway for children who arrive and exit to the west of the school. In addition, the Munsey Park Women’s Club has volunteered to spearhead the project to revitalize Copley Pond. The MPWC, led by Jennifer Johnston, Susan Sabiston, and Erin Cunningham, presented the Board with a plan to restore dangerous walkways and seating, add some viewing areas, and plantings around the pond. The Village is excited to work with the Munsey Park Woman’s Club to finalize the plans and begin this restoration project. The project will be funded by grants from the State, the County, and from the MPWC’s “Buy a Brick” fund raising campaign that will kick off at the end of January. Any residents interested in participating in the campaign can reach out to Erin Cunningham at

VILLAGE COURT: After conferring with Village Judge John Turano, Village Prosecutor Laura Dillmetin, and former Village Acting Judge Francis Coughlin, the Board decided to revise the Court calendar. Previously, any resident required to appear in Village Court had to take two days off from work. One day for arraignment and another to conference with the prosecutor and the Judge. To increase the efficiency of the Court and decrease the burden on residents, arraignments and conferences will be held on the same night. We hope the new schedule will allow those affected to conduct business with the Village Court in one session reducing the impact court proceedings have on residents.

SAFETY: In response to what seems to be an increase in crime in our Village, the Commanding Officer of the Third Precinct will be attending the meeting of the Board of Trustees on February 12th to answer the questions and concerns of our residents. We encourage all residents to attend this meeting to exchange information and ideas regarding the prevention of crime in our Village.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact any of the trustees:

Mayor, Frank DeMento (
Deputy Mayor, Sean Haggerty (
Trustee, Sue Auriemma (
Trustee, Patrick Hance (
Trustee, Jennifer Noone (

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