Update from the Board of Trustees, October 16, 2013
Re: Radio Tower Construction by Manhasset Lakeville Water District.

UPDATE (10/18/13):  The Board of Trustees has called an emergency Board Meeting on Wednesday, October 23 at 7:30 pm to discus the radio tower recently erected in the Village by the MLWD.   


Fellow Residents:

The Board of Trustees wanted to update everyone in regards to the construction of the radio tower on the Manhasset Lakeville Water District’s (MLWD) property off of Dogwood Lane in Munsey Park. The trustees, like many of our residents, were horrified by the completely obtrusive structure that has been erected. Beginning on Monday evening we have been in constant contact with the most affected residents on Eakins Road along with Chairman O’Brien of the MLWD, and of course our Village counsel. We have since met with Chairman O’Brien at the site, and attended the water authority’s meeting last night with our Village Counsel, Flower Hill Counsel, and both Munsey Park and Flower Hill Residents. The following is what we have learned from the meeting and what our plan is moving forward.

After much debate, and the residents having had an opportunity to express their concerns in regards to the tower, we have agreed with the MLWD on the following steps:

  1. The Board of the MLWD has agreed that no additional work will be done at the site until such time as they have reviewed all possible options and had the opportunity to meet again with our residents concerning this topic. A meeting date will be announced by the MLWD and we will let you know.
  2. Our counsel will work with the VFH counsel and counsel that has been retained by one of our residents to collect all the relevant plans and safety reports the MLWD has regarding the project and the construction of this tower. These materials will be made available to Village residents
  3. Once we are comfortable that we have obtained all the relevant information, we will consult our counsel along with our engineering consultant and arrange an additional meeting with the MLWD with all concerned and affected residents.
  4. We will continue to explore all viable options to ensure we protect all the residents’ rights while working with the MLWD to a come up with a practical solution that best addresses the needs of all parties.
  5. We will call an emergency informational meeting next week at Village Hall so that we may fully disseminate all relevant information to the residents and answer any additional questions.

Village of Munsey Park Board of Trustees


AuthorVillage Administrator