Kenny Our Beloved Mailman

There have been several requests from our residents asking how they can help our beloved mailman Kenny Aluska and his family. 

Kenny said of his wife's split second action to push their daughter out of the way of an out of control car "was a beautiful thing". She gave up her own life for her child. Their daughter had to undergo surgery for her injuries. This tragedy occurred on Sunday, May 14, Mother's Day. Members of his community are raising money to help pay for expenses. There has been an outpouring of love and support for Kenny - our prayers are with him and his family at this difficult time.  

For your information (also available on facebook, "Manhasset Connection"), see link for ways in which to help the Aluska Family.

Thank you.


AuthorMaureen McLean

Shared Services Conference:

NY State Legislature (Part BBB of Ch. 59 of L. 2017) requires the County Executive (CE) to prepare a Countywide Shared Services Property Tax Savings Plan. As is relevant for us, the Mayor of Munsey Park is a required member of the panel and each member must submit its proposed shared services plan to the panel for a vote. All proposed plans from each member will be joined into one Countywide Plan which requires a majority vote to be approved to the State.

Highlights to be aware of:

Each member’s proposed plan is to be submitted (on the provided form which they are working on converting into a fillable pdf) by 6/5/17.

  • Each proposed plan is to provide an estimate of the tax savings believed to be made from the share services.
  • If a member is unable to provide a proposed plan to the panel by 6/5/17, the panel is seeking a statement in writing as to why the member was unsuccessful.
  • CE is then to take all the proposed plans and make one Countywide plan, (3) public hearings are to be held, proposal to be submitted to County Legislature, modifications and/or revisions from County Legislature, and then during the week of 8/28/17, panel to vote on final Countywide proposed plan (further itemized dates included in handout).

There are no penalties itemized for non-compliance. The speakers kept referring to seeking a “good-faith” effort from all members. If these good-faith efforts are unsuccessful they just seek that each year new efforts are made.

AuthorMaureen McLean

In an effort to both deliver better services to residents and increase efficiencies, transparency and employee accountability in the Village, the Board of Trustees created the new position of Village Administrator.

This position was officially created in order to increase everyone’s understanding of Village needs and employee responsibilities. There is a clear need for greater assistance with administrative work and consistency of Village representation in meetings with local organizations and other municipalities. Addressing these issues will help Munsey Park residents maintain the high standard of living to which they are accustomed without increasing costs.

Dan Breen was appointed to a one-year term at Wednesday's public meeting.  Dan has solid knowledge of the Village and the challenges facing it. Since joining the Village’s Utility Crew as a full time employee in January 2016, he has become well known to many residents and has frequently taken on responsibilities beyond utility work, including performing ad hoc administrative work and meeting with other municipal entities. Since Dan's actual duties straddle both field and administrative roles, it was necessary to update his official responsibilities to reflect this role; it was done without changing his compensation schedule.

The Village Administrator does not supplant the Village Clerk or Deputy Clerk. The position and appointment were fully vetted and are compliant with the Village Code and applicable law, per the Village Attorney.

AuthorVillage Administrator

At a regular meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Incorporated Village of Munsey Park, held on May 10, 2017: 

The Following Resolution creating the position of Village Administrator was proposed:

Be it resolved that the position of Village Administrator be created for the Incorporated Village of Munsey Park. Said Position will be as follows: 

I.           Establishment of position.

In order to provide the most economical and efficient overall direction, coordination and control of the day-to-day activities and operations of the Village of Munsey Park, to minimize the administrative details now handled by the Mayor, Board of Trustees and other Village officers, to provide centralized direction and control of all Village employees and appointed officers and to formalize the staff and advisory functions which are necessary to the foregoing, there is hereby established in the Village of Munsey Park the position and job of Village Administrator. This position shall not be interpreted or construed to be a public office, either appointed or elected, as defined in Article 3 of the Village Law or Article 2 of the Public Officers Law or as may be defined in any other law of this state.

II.           Term.

The Village Administrator will be hired and retained, as well as disciplined and dismissed by the Board of Trustees pursuant to such terms and conditions and for such remuneration and for such period or periods of time as shall be established by the Mayor and Board of Trustees. 

III.           General Statement of Duties:

To oversee & participate in the operational aspects of the village including, directing, supervising and participating in maintenance and construction activities within the Village, including roadwork, weather management and clean-up, maintenance to Parks and Village property, as well as clerical/office work related to the operational aspects of the Village; performs any and all related duties as required and provide reports to the Mayor and Board of Trustees. 

Duties and functions.

The duties and functions of the Village Administrator shall be subject to the direction and control of the Mayor and Board of Trustees and are the following:

A.     To oversee and coordinate the activities of all the Village departments and all Village employees and to Supervise and direct all functions and activities of the village and of its officers and employees, except that of the Justice Court, Village Prosecutor, Village Attorney, Board of Appeals, Planning Commission and Boards of Review;

B.     Prepares work schedules and detailed maintenance reports, and maintains accurate records;

C.    To oversee the enforcement of the rules, regulations, ordinances, resolutions, local laws and Code of the Village of Munsey Park, New York, so that they are administered efficiently and fairly;

D.    To see that all inquiries by residents of the Village or other interested persons are referred to the appropriate Village official or department head for investigation and response;

E.     To conduct a continuing study of all functions and activities of the Village for the purpose of devising ways and means of obtaining greater efficiency and economy; Make reports to the Mayor and Board of Trustees on the affairs of the village and recommend to them such measures as he may deem necessary or appropriate for the purpose of obtaining greater efficiency and economy in the government and operation of the village;

F.     To make recommendations to the Board of Trustees as to measures or programs which he or she believes will improve the efficiency or economy of the Village;

G.    To keep abreast of available grants-in-aid from other levels of government, pursue these revenues and make and follow through on applications;

H.    To supervise the purchase of services, materials, supplies and equipment by means of Village purchase orders and oversee inventory control that is needed to maintain an up-to-date inventory; Supervises the maintenance of materials, supplies, and equipment inventories; Recommends the purchase of maintenance equipment;

I.       Supervises the preventive maintenance program for equipment, tools, and vehicles;

J.      Plans, coordinates, and supervises maintenance and repair of Village property, parks, roads, and walkways;

K.     To attend meetings of the Board of Trustees and also to make recommendations to the Mayor and Board of Trustees on matters affecting the administration of the Village and Village personnel;

L.     Exercise general supervision over all expenditures of the village in accordance with the budget and keep the Board of Trustees fully advised of the financial condition of the village and its future financial needs;

M.    To assemble data and prepare requests for utility rate adjustments;

N.    To coordinate the planning and construction of major projects, maintain liaison with consulting engineers, inspect the work performance of contractors and ensure adherence to contract specifications;

O.    To make recommendations to the Board of Trustees concerning the establishment of priorities or work projects; Prepares maintenance program budget recommendations;

P.     To inform the Board of Trustees and other Village officials of changes in federal, state and county legislation and rules pertaining to Village operations;

Q.    To make recommendations to the Board of Trustees concerning Village plans, updates and filing;

R.    To be responsible for preparation of plans and specifications on minor or routine projects for approval by the Board of Trustees;

S.     To perform such other duties pertaining to this position as prescribed by local law or as determined by the Board of Trustees;

T.     Code Enforcement

IV.           Interpretation of duties and functions.

Nothing herein contained shall be deemed or construed as abolishing, transferring, impeding or curtailing any powers or duties or any elected or appointed official or of the Board of Trustees or of the Mayor, Clerk, Treasurer or Attorney, as prescribed by the Village Law or other applicable laws of the State of New York. 

The Motion was unanimously approved on a Voice Vote.

AuthorMaureen McLean

On April 26th, 2017, an emergency meeting of the Village Trustees was held to discuss certain matters of the Village which required the Board's immediate attention prior to the regularly scheduled monthly meeting.  These matters included personnel matters, as well as the ramifications of the Meadow Carting workers strike.  
Mayor Frank J. DeMento                                       
Deputy Mayor John Lippman
Trustee Patrick M. Hance (via Telephone) 
Trustee Jennifer Noone
Trustee Lawrence Ceriello
Robert Morici, Village Attorney
The meeting was called to order at 7:15pm and a motion was immediately made to enter Executive Session by Trustee Noone, seconded by Trustee Lippmann and unanimously approved. Whereas, discussion commenced.
There being no further business, the Executive Session was adjourned at 8:15pm.

AuthorVillage Administrator

In an effort to improve the quality of life and safety in our community,
the Mayors of the five Manhasset villages have worked with NCPD leadership
to increase local traffic enforcement and monitoring of our parks by
stepping up neighborhood patrols.

Meetings and conversations with NCPD Commissioner Thomas Krumpter,
Precinct Commanding Officer - Inspector Daniel Flanagan, Precinct Deputy
Commanding Officer, Deputy Inspector Gregory Abruzzo, and other senior officers
over the past two weeks were focused on speeding and stop sign violations
within the Villages. Commissioner Krumpter and our Precinct leadership have agreed
that NCPD will add increased traffic enforcement in the Manhasset Villages
in the near future. Immediately targeted areas for enforcement will include major
roads and "cut through" streets.

Please do your part to increase safety for all and mitigate your risk of tickets
by slowing down and obeying traffic signs when driving. To stay safe when exercising
on streets without sidewalks, please remember to walk or jog facing traffic so that
you can see cars driving toward you.  Bicyclists should ride on the side of road
with the direction of traffic and obey all traffic laws, including stoping where
posted and using hand signals when turning.

Beyond these items, Commissioner Krumpter spoke to us about crime statistics
and police resources both moving in a positive direction for our neighborhood.
That said, we take this opportunity to remind residents to secure their cars
and houses, when unattended - even for short periods of time.

Wishing everyone a great season ahead,

Board of Trustees

AuthorBarbara Miller


At the request of all Manhasset Mayors,
Nassau County Police will be doing a major
enforcement push in our area to effectively
make our area safer for our families.
Officers will be particularly focused on speeding
and failure to fully stop at stop signs,
as well as all moving violations.  Residents and visitors
should be aware while driving in our Villages.
Nassau County Police Commissioner Thomas Krumpter
met with the Mayors of Flower Hill, Munsey Park,
Plandome, Plandome Heights and Plandome Manor to discuss
their concerns and determine how we can all work together
to improve local traffic safety and enforcement.
Residents, as well as local commuters, comprise a
good portion of our local traffic and most likely
those who are not complying with traffic safety rules.
Now that spring is here there are more people out on our
roads walking and biking and children are playing outside
. We urge all drivers to slow down, obey all traffic
devices and be aware of their surroundings.
Failure to do so may result in costly fines, license points
which will increase insurance rates and may lead
to a loss of license. It’s up to you to make this a safer community.

AuthorBarbara Miller

The Draft of the Village 2017 Storm Water Management Program Annual Report (SWMPAR) is now available for public review at Village Hall.

The Draft SWMPAR can also be accessed from the link below. The Village Storm Water Management Program Plan Documents are also available for public review at Village Hall.

Draft Stormwater SWMPAR 2017

Comments and questions on the Village Storm Water Management Program can be submitted to (516) 365-7790 and

AuthorBarbara Miller



Dear Residents,


We are happy to report that Meadow Carting Corp. has informed us that the strike which impacted service to our homes has been resolved.   Meadow expects to resume regular service tomorrow.   Those homes that normally receive service on Saturday we see their service resume then.  If anything changes, we will let you know.


We appreciate your patience this week. 


Mayor and Board of Trustees





AuthorBarbara Miller

The Board of Trustees meeting scheduled for Wednesday - April 12, 2017 is changed to Wednesday - April 5, 2017 at 7:30pm.

AuthorBarbara Miller

Incorporated Village of Munsey Park      March 2017
Village Update

The Village would like to take this opportunity to update our residents with some important happenings and future projects. Please take a moment and read details about the Impending Storm, Road Work, Elections, Village Financials, and some additional initiatives. If any resident has additional questions, please contact Barbara or Maureen at Village Hall.

With the impeding storm is due to hit our area beginning early Tuesday morning, the Village would like to pass along some helpful reminders and numbers so as a community we can get through the storm as smoothly as possible.
At this time forecasts are calling for ranges of 12” to 24” of snow, with the heaviest accumulations starting after midnight throughout the day Tuesday. These forecasts will certainly change throughout the day so please keep yourself updated and avoid being out in the worst of the storm.
We ask residents adhere to the following tips to stay safe during the storm and cleanup
• Use the balance of today to get any additional essentials for your home, including batteries, needed food, salt for walkways, and gas for snow blowers prior to the storms arrival.
• The Village has always taken great pride in having our streets clear prior to the surrounding Villages and Town. With a storm of this magnitude please keep all cars off the streets, avoid driving, or being out during the storm.
• Please check in with elderly neighbors and offer any assistance needed.
• Those residents with sidewalks we ask you to do your best to clear them of snow as quickly as possible.
• In the case of power outages, please call PSEG directly at 800-490-0075 or visit their website for assistance and additional information.
• In case of Emergency please call 911

We are approximately three quarters of the way through our fiscal year, which ends on May 31.  Our budget for this year had revenues of $1.75mm, of which property taxes are $1.25mm.  The remainder of the revenue is primarily from building permits, court proceeds and shares from the state and utilities.  We expect to exceed budget considerably as we have taken in higher building permit revenue and we have received more state contributions for roads.  Our expenses should be on-budget in aggregate, resulting in a surplus which will go into our capital fund for future use.

We are in process of preparing a budget for the fiscal year 2018, which begins on June 1 of this year.  There will be a budget hearing as part of the Trustees Meeting on April 12 at Village Hall.  This year we would like to allocate more money to road repairs, and we face the renewal of our contract with Meadow Carting, which will likely come with a substantial increase in cost.  We will do our best to manage our other expenses tightly and keep the overall tax increase as low as possible.

The Village maintenance crew continues with its routine pothole repairs throughout the Village. The crew does their best to clean out any loose debris, filling the pothole with cold asphalt patch to avoid any damage to vehicles or pedestrians traveling throughout the Village.  Although the maintenance crew does their best to try to address all road damage created over the winter, if there is damage on your street that needs attention please contact Village Hall.

The Village has engaged engineer Jim Antonelli, P.C. to assist in the repaving of Inness Place.  The engineer will prepare the design, bid and construction phases of the project.  Construction on Inness should begin sometime in May. 

An overall Village road assessment was just completed by engineering firm Sidney Bowne.  The assessment includes a map which color codes all of the streets and gutters in the Village with measurements and ratings.  For those that are interested, the map and evaluation is available for view at Village Hall.  In addition, Sidney Bowne prepared a road construction estimate which covers 2.1 miles of Village road and gutter construction at an estimated cost of $3.6 million.  The estimate includes construction and engineering fees broken out into 5 phases.  The Village will use this data to decide on how it will move forward with future road construction and whether or not the Village will take out another bond for road repair.

The Munsey Park Woman's club has completed its fund raising campaign for a revitalization of the park. In addition to raising funds, MPWC has received donations for bricks, benches and trees. The Village has also petitioned state and local governments for grants. We should know how much grant money we will receive in April. Thereafter, a final revitalization plan will be completed so that work on the park can commence this summer.

The Village will hold our annual elections on Tuesday, March 21st at Village Hall. Polls will be open from noon to 9pm. This year residents will be voting on three positions, Mayor and two Trustee positions. Running this year is Frank Demento for Mayor, Patrick Hance and Lawrence Ceriello for the two Trustee positions.
From the Mayor: I would like to take this time to thank the Residents for their support over the last four years. It’s been a tremendous honor to serve the Village and I wish the new Board the best of luck while they continue to uphold the standards our Village has come to expect. In addition, I wanted to give the residents a status of a few initiatives that are still outstanding.

To date, the Board has held two meetings to further educate the Board and Village residents on the specifics of LPR technology and how the Nassau County Police utilize the data. The next steps, if the future Board feels inclined, would be to go out to bid to better understand the cost of implementing the technology and then hold a public hearing and vote. Currently, there are no plans to move this initiative further.

The Village has been advised that our Appeal will be argued March 16, 2017, in Appellate Division 2nd Department, 45 Monroe Place, and Brooklyn. The Village will advise residents of the decision once it is made available.

The Village continues to work with administrators at the Manhasset School District and the leadership at the Congregational Church to devise a walkway solution to keep children from having to walk down Northern Boulevard when utilizing parking at the Congregational Church. The Board will advise residents once a solution has been approved by our building advisory committee.

NEXT MEETING: Our next meeting will be Wednesday, April 12, 2017 at 7:30pm. 

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact any of the trustees:
Mayor  Sean Haggerty
Deputy Mayor  John Lippmann
Trustee Frank DeMento
Trustee  Patrick Hance
Trustee  Jennifer Noone


AuthorBarbara Miller

Pursuant to §15-104(3) of the Election Law of the State of New York,
said election shall be held on March 21, 2017 from noon to 9:00 p.m.
at Village Hall, andthe candidates who have been nominated are:


Frank J. DeMento (Incumbent) 124 Trumbull Rd   Residents for a Better
                                                                                      Munsey Park

Patrick Hance, (Incumbent) 615 Park Avenue       Residents for a Better
                                                                                    Munsey Park
Lawrence Ceriello,  23 Bellows Lane                     Residents for a Better
                                                                                    Munsey Park

AuthorBarbara Miller

The Village of Munsey Park will be hosting representatives from the Nassau County Police Department at this months Board of Trustee Meeting to continue our discussion on License Plate Reader Technology. More specifically, we will  be discussing how the NCPD currently obtains and utilizes the data  from other municipality using this technology throughout Nassau County. All residents and local officials who are interested in learning more are invited to attend the meeting to listen and ask questions. The Village will send out a recap of the discussion for those who can't attend. 


Board of Trustees Meeting 

January 11, 2017, 7:30pm 

Village Town Hall 

AuthorSean Haggerty

Dear Resident:

We respectfully remind you that the residents with sidewalks must clear snow and ice
from the sidewalk adjacent to their home. It is critical that all the walks are cleared. 
One uncleaned section effectively eliminates access to the sidewalk for the entire block.
The safety of our residents and children depend on everyone doing their part.

If you are unable to accomplish the snow and ice removal yourself, please make arrangements
for someone else to do so or contact the local schools or churches for volunteers.
The responsibility is yours and the Village must enforce this code requirement.

Section 157-7 of the Village Code provides that snow or ice
must be removed “within eight hours after snow ceases to fall”.  The time between 9:00pm and 7:00am is not including in the eight hour period.  If your sidewalk is not cleared within 24 hours, after the snowstorm ceases, you will receive a summons.

The Fire Department has also asked us to remind you to keep fire hydrants outside your homes clear.

It is also important that you clear a path to your garbage cans so that the carter
can safely perform their duties. They will not pick up garbage if a path has not been cleared.

Winter has just started and your continued cooperation is greatly appreciated.

Very truly yours,


Barbara C. Miller

AuthorBarbara Miller