FAQs For Distribution To Residents Regarding ExteNet

Does the Village have the legal authority to block the Cell Facility?

No. Cell facilities are regulated by federal law, and the Village has virtually no authority in this matter.

Can the Village regulate the level of Radio Frequency (“RF”) emissions from the Cell Facility?

No. RF emissions are set by federal law, and the Village has no authority to challenge a facility that otherwise complies with federal law.

Can the Village require Extenet to demonstrate its RF emissions fall within federal safety standards?

Yes. The Village has already required Extenet to certify that the Cell Facility’s RF emissions fall within federally mandated safety limits.

Has Extenet certified that the Cell Facility’s RF emissions fall within federal safety limits?

Yes. Extenet has certified that the Cell Facility’s RF emissions shall be less than one per cent of the federally allowed limit.

Will the RF emissions from the Cell Facility be at ground level?

No. Extenet has certified that all RF emissions will be at least thirty six (36) feet above the height of a six (6) foot tall person standing under the Cell Facility.

Why will the Cell Facility be in the shape of a flagpole with a pedestal?

Your Board negotiated with Extenet to have the Cell Facility comprised within a flagpole and a ground pedestal as the most aesthetically pleasing alternative, in keeping with the Village’s colonial architecture, and thus avoiding an unsightly and obtrusive cell tower or utility pole.

Has Extenet demonstrated a need for this Cell Facility within our Village?

Yes. Extenent has provided evidence, as required by federal law, to demonstrate its need for the Cell Facility within our Village, and that Extenet has no viable alternative to the proposed location.

Has Extenet certified that it has explored alternatives to placing this Cell Facility at this location, and within our Village?

Yes. Extenet has provided evidence, again as required by federal law, to demonstrate it has explored alternatives both within and outside our Village, and the proposed site is the only viable location.

Has Extenet certified that it will construct and operate the Cell Facility in accordance with applicable federal law?

Yes. Extenet has certified that the construction and operation of the Cell Facility will comply with applicable federal law.

Why the proposed location on the Village-owned triangle at the intersection of Park Avenue and Manhasset Woods Road?

Extenet originally proposed to place the Cell Facility on a utility pole in front of a private home. Your Board negotiated with Extenet to place the Cell Facility on public property and not in front of a residence.

Does the present application by Extenet permit it to erect additional cell facilities within the Village?

No. The current application is limited to this one site. If Extenet wishes to place additional cell facilities within the Village, Extenet must make a new application, which will be subject to the same laws and review process discussed here.

Will the Cell Facility improve cell phone coverage?

Yes. Extenet has represented that this Cell Facility will improve coverage for cell phones and similar electronic devices, and will accommodate new advances in wireless technology.

Will the Cell Facility affect real estate values?

Extenet has provided evidence that the Cell Facility will not negatively affect real estate values, but rather should enhance them, given the improvement in telecommunications.

Are neighboring villages dealing with this issue?

Yes. Extenet has filed applications for multiple cell facilities with Flower Hill, Plandome, Manor, Plandome Heights, and more. It must be emphasized that local authority in this matter is severely limited by federal law. Nonetheless, as described above, your Board protected the interests of residents by, among other things, negotiating for the cell facility to not be in front of a residence, to assure Extenet certifies compliance with federal safety standards, and so forth. Notably, and as mentioned, other villages are dealing with applications for a dozen or more cell facilities, whereas the Village is dealing with only one at this time.

Is the Village permitted to charge Extenet a fee for placing this cell facility within the Village?

Yes, but in a very limited amount. Once again, federal law strictly controls, and it sharply limits any fee the Village might charge to a very modest amount. The precise dollar amount is still being discussed, and will be stipulated via contract. To be sure, the paramount concern of your Board has been and will always be the best interests of the residents, and not revenue.

When will the construction of the Cell Facility commence, and how long shall it take?

The exact start date of any construction is, of course, dependent upon completion of the Village review process. With respect to the duration of any work, we have inquired of Extenet as to a time frame. Please look for further updates from your Board.

Will construction of the Cell Facility negatively impact residents?

Your Board has emphasized to Extenent that it must take all steps necessary and appropriate to minimize any disruption or inconvenience to residents during construction of the Cell Facility.

Will the Board require Extenet to appear at a public hearing, and will the Board hear evidence from Extenet’s representatives at that public hearing?

Yes. Your Board is requiring Extenet to appear at a public hearing. At that hearing, Extenet will be required to have its representatives publicly testify with respect to many of the matters set forth above.

When would construction commence?

If and when the Village approves the Extenet application for the cell facility, thereafter Extenet will contact PSE&G and Verizon to “walk the site,” i.e., to coordinate with the other utilities. If the site does not require any preparatory work, then the utilities typically issue their own licenses within 45 days. If preparatory work is required, then that time frame is naturally extended.

Once the other utilities give permission, the cell facility is typically installed within seven (7) days.

How long would construction take?

Extenet’s construction for the cell facility should take approximately 4-8 hours. Thereafter, Verizon must place and splice fiber cable to the cell facility.

What steps will Extenet take to minimize disruption to traffic and inconvenience to residents?

Construction will be undertaken after the morning rush hour, and Extenet expects work to be completed prior to 3 P.M. the same day. Signs, cones, and traffic signals shall be employed in order to assure safety and good order. Prior to commencing construction, Extenet will give notice by distributing written flyers to nearby residents.

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Summer is here!  Please take a moment to read about the various events and projects happening around the Village.  These include Movie Night at Waldman Park, Village tax reminder, infrastructure improvements, the Macys development and some other additional information.  If any resident has any questions or concerns, please contact Tara or Maureen at Village Hall.  Have a happy and safe summer. 

TAXES:  Village taxes are due no later than July 1st without penalty.  Taxes were mailed out a couple of weeks ago.  If you have not received your tax bill in the mail, please call Village Hall.  Village hall hours are listed below.

MOVIE NIGHT AT WALDMANN: The Village of Munsey Park and the Munsey Park Women’s Club invite you to attend the second annual Movie Night at Waldmann Memorial Park on Monday evening, June 24 at 8.30 pm.  Movie poster below.  Hope to see you there!

ROAD IMPROVEMENT:  The Village engineer is finalizing the bid books for the Stuart Place, South Eakins Road, Bellows Lane and Burnham Place road work.  We should be bidding for this project shortly.  As a result of the timing of the bids and then the board’s selection of a contractor, we are anticipating a construction date for August, a little later than originally anticipated.  The Village will send more information regarding the road project to all affected residents once we finalize the bid process. 

ENTRANCE IMPROVEMENT:  The final phase of entrance improvements to Manhasset Woods Road (at Northern Blvd) and at the bottom of the Park Avenue Hill have been completed with the installation of lighting on the brick pillars and entranceways.  This soft, LED lighting was intended to highlight the beauty of these elegant entrances while at the same time illuminating dark entrances.  We hope you enjoy the lighting.  In the future, we will be attending to the entrances at Park Avenue (on the Port Blvd end) and Copley Road (at Northern Blvd).

TRAFFIC:  We have observed, as we are sure you have, an increase of traffic on Park Avenue and Manhasset Woods Road during the morning and evening commute.  A spot check of some of the license plates on such cars indicates that we are seeing commuters from communities east of Munsey Park using these streets as short-cuts to the LIRR train station and private parking lots near the train station.  We will not accept that Munsey Park residents must tolerate such traffic.  The Board is performing an assessment of measures that can be undertaken to control pass-through traffic, including, stricter enforcement of our traffic laws.  On a related note, we urge all Munsey Park residents to strictly observe speed limits, traffic lights and stop signs.  Driving at or under the speed limit may be a low-tech way of deterring drivers from using our streets as a “fast lane to the train”. 

Speaking of driving slowly, the end of school is approaching, so please SLOW DOWN.  Please take your time driving through the Village and be aware of pedestrians and children playing in the neighborhood.  Speed control and safety starts with us.

LOCAL ISSUES COMMITTEE:  In the future, you’ll be hearing more from this committee (and it may end up with a better name) but for now, some background.  In the past year, the Village has had to deal with matters which might fairly be viewed as threats to the quality of life in Munsey Park.  The recent proposal to open a Medmen store on Northern Blvd is a good example.  In response to community outcry, that proposal has been withdrawn and both the Village and the TONH enacted legislation designed to contain future similar threats.  Now comes the proposal to redevelop the Macys shopping center as “Manhasset Square”, a mixed use development containing 355 rental apartments, 72,000 sf of office space, 73,400 sf of retail and a 200-room hotel.  This development will potentially add heavy traffic on local roads, including Plandome Road, exacerbate the parking situation at the LIRR train station, adversely affect retail on Plandome Road and add unknown number of children to the Manhasset school system.  The Board of Trustees believes that this is precisely the type of proposal which, while outside the boundaries of Munsey Park, requires input from Munsey Park and an opportunity for the concerns of Munsey Park residents to be heard.  To that end, the Board has asked two prominent and active residents to form this committee to help protect the interests of Munsey Park residents.  John Dellaquila and Jeff Tantillo will co-chair this committee. This committee is in formation and if you’re interested in assisting, please let Village Hall know.  More to come.

To sign a petition against the re-zoning of the Macys property please visit

MEMORIAL DAY CEREMONY:  Thank you to Munsey Park resident Greg LiCalzi Jr. for leading the Memorial Day ceremony at Waldmann Memorial Park and for reminding us of the sacrifices so many have made for our country.  The picture below shows residents gathered in the park to read the names of the fallen heroes from our neighborhood. 

GUTTER IMPROVEMENT/ CLEANING and STREET SWEEPING:  The Village has been working on reinforcing various gutters in the Village with new concrete for support and stability.  We are also in the process of pumping and cleaning out the Village gutters.  These infrastructure improvements are necessary to allow for proper drainage in the Village.  Village street sweeping will follow this month. 

SAFTEY UPDATE:  The Village Clerk informed the board that an intruder recently entered a home on Burnham Place.  As far as we know, no one was hurt because the intruder was scared off by a family member still in the residence.  A close call, and, gladly everything seems to be alright.  But we take this opportunity to remind all residents to lock your house doors, front and back, lock up your vehicles, keep your home well lit and, when possible, let neighbors know when you are away.  It’s the summer, and as people go away for vacations and otherwise relax, it’s prime season for break ins.  You don’t know who is watching you pack for that long weekend and you are liable to come to home to nasty surprise.  So please, stay vigilant.

SUMMER SCHEDULE:  Village Hall will be open Monday through Thursday from 9am - 4pm and close at 12 pm on Fridays through Labor Day.   You may contact Village Hall at (516) 365 -7790.

VOLUNTEERS: If any residents have a desire to get involved with the Village, please reach out to Mayor Ceriello or any of the other Trustees.

NEXT MEETING: Our next meeting will be Wednesday, July 10 at 7:30pm.  Just a reminder that there is no board meeting in August, the next meeting following our July meeting will be in September.  

For additional information please visit our website at

The Village of Munsey Park

Lawrence A. Ceriello,  Mayor (

Jennifer Noone, Deputy Mayor (

Antonio D'Angelo, Trustee (

Anthony M. Sabino, Trustee (

Joseph P. Williams, Trustee (

Movie night 2019.jpg
Memorial Day 2019 at Waldmann.jpeg
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Please be advised that our Tree Trimming Crews are scheduled to work in your area in the coming weeks to help ensure that your residents receive reliable power.

Please note that our crews trim trees only around our electric wires, which are always installed at the top of utility poles. After the trimming is completed, all tree debris will be removed. For more information about our tree trimming and reliability work, please visit:  Should anyone call seeking any information about this, please direct them to contact us at PSEG Long Island Customer Service at 1-800-490-0025.

 Affected customers on this circuit will be notified, which may include some or portions of the below streets which may fall within your municipality:






Thank you,



Kim Kaiman | Regional Public Affairs Manager

Government Contact:

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Spring season is upon us and last fall’s plantings are on full display.  The Park Avenue hill daffodils will remind us of the start of spring every year. Please take a moment to read the spring update to find out about the upcoming events in the Village and what the Board has been working on.

Have a happy and safe spring!

VILLAGE FINANCES:  The board approved the final budget for the fiscal year ended May 31, 2020.  The final budget is available on the Village website. The budget includes a two percent, $36,000, overall tax increase. The current year budget increase is due to state and local government aids and grants decreasing in the current year while we are forecasting works projects for village road repair and improvements of over $500,000.  From a reserve perspective, the Village has reserve of about $1.2 million dollars. The Village has bonds that are expiring within the next 2 years of about $480,000.  The Board is also considering in light of interest rates, whether it is prudent to take on debt to fund improvements to roads and maintenance.

The Office of the State Comptroller uses the Fiscal Stress Monitoring System to examine the annual financial information reported by your local government. This analysis provides an objective assessment of the fiscal challenges facing individual local governments and school districts, identifying situations where corrective action may be needed.  As a result of the State performed stress test, the Village scored highly as we ranked at the very low end of the range from a stress perspective.

ELECTION: Village elections are complete, Lawrence Ceriello was elected Mayor for a two-year term, Antonio D’Angelo was re-elected as Trustee and Joseph P. Williams as Trustee, each will serve a two-year term. The new term started on April 1 and each Trustee was sworn in at the last meeting.  A total of 47 residents came out to vote. Thank you to all of the residents that turned out for the election.  The Village would like to thank former Mayor Frank DeMento for his service to our community for the past six years, serving as Mayor and Deputy Mayor. 

VILLAGE APPOINTMENTS:  The following appointments were made at the meeting of the Board of Trustees on April 10, 2019:  Lawrence Ceriello was sworn in as Mayor; Antonio D’Angelo was sworn in as Trustee; Joseph P. Williams was sworn in as Trustee; Patricia Miller was re-appointed Associate Justice; Maureen Mclean was re-appointed Deputy Clerk / Court Clerk; Robert Morici was re-appointed Village Attorney; Laura Dilimetin was re-appointed Village Prosecutor; Anthony DiProperzio was re-appointed Building Inspector; Amy Urban, AIA, was re-appointed as Village Architect, James Antonelli was re-appointed as Village Engineer .  The website has been updated to reflect Village Committee members .

EXTENET:  The Board of Trustees has approved the application of Extenet for the installation of a single wireless cell phone facility at the Village owned triangle at the northwest corner of Park Avenue and Manhasset Woods Road.  The equipment will be contained within a new flagpole and pedestal, all to be installed by Extenet without cost to the Village. 

The Board granted approval after a lengthy public hearing, at which Extenet officials were required to testify as to the wireless facility’s safety, necessity, and compliance with applicable law.  While the application has been granted, the Board is continuing negotiations with Extenet to assure the beautification and maintenance of the triangle’s grounds. 

Given that Extenet must coordinate with other public utilities, we do not have a start date for the construction.  However, Extenet has assured us that adequate advance notice shall be given to residents, and every effort shall be made to minimize disruption and inconvenience. 

The Board was pleased to use what authority it retains under federal telecommunications law to assure the best interests of the Village.  We will keep residents informed as the actual construction date approaches.     

ROADS:  The survey work for the Bellows/Stuart/South Eakins Road project is complete.  The specs and bid books are currently being prepared and we expect to go out to bid on this project in May.  Construction is anticipated to occur in the summer.  We will notify all residents in this area with further information regarding construction after the bids go out. 

SCA FAIR:  The SCA fair will be held on Saturday, May 4 from 10am-5pm.  Please be aware of the parking restrictions on Village streets.  The Village will be assisting the SCA in parking and traffic enforcement.  This is a great day in our Village, so please come out and support the SCA.  The success of the fair relies on the many volunteers from our community.  If any resident would like to volunteer or make a donation to sponsor this event, you may reach out to SCA Fair co-chairs Claudine Fini and Annie Yeun at

MEMORIAL DAY AT WALDMANN:  On Monday, May 27 we invite all residents to gather with us at Waldmann Memorial Park to remember those that have sacrificed so much for our freedom.  The ceremony will begin at 9am, coffee and treats will be served. 

MPWC FUN RUN:  Mark your calendars for the 10th annual MPWC Kids Fun Run and Fair which will take place Saturday, June 1st between 9am – 10:30am.  The beneficiary of the event will be SCA Project Share, which will use the monies raised to purchase basic items for economically at-risk students at the Manhasset schools.   The race will begin and end at Waldmann Memorial Park.  Please contact Aline Lennon at for questions regarding sponsorship or registration.

GARBAGE REMINDER:  One of the biggest expenses in the Village is garbage, we contract for rear door pickup;  no garbage or garbage cans should be placed by the curb.  Sanitation workers will take your trash from the rear or side yard.  Any large items require a call to Meadow Carting to arrange pickup.

VOLUNTEERS: If any residents have a desire to get involved with the Village, please reach out to Mayor Ceriello or any of the other Trustees.

NEXT MEETING: Our next meeting will be Wednesday, May 8 at 7:30pm.  For additional information please visit our website at

Village of Munsey Park Board of Trustees:
Lawrence A. Ceriello,  Mayor (

Jennifer Noone, Deputy Mayor (

Antonio D'Angelo, Trustee (

Anthony M. Sabino, Trustee (

Joseph P. Williams, Trustee (jwilliams@munsey

AuthorMaureen McLean

The Village of Flower Hill will be holding a public hearing on May 6, 2019 at 7:30 PM. Extenet Systems Inc., will discuss their application for the installation of 18 Telecommuincation Nodes to be placed on existing and replacement utility poles at the following locations:

*268 Eakins Road

96 Drake Lane

2 Chanticlare Road

6 Cardinal Road

330/397/335 Stonytown Road

27 Bonnie Heights Road

56/162 Boulder Road

530 Manhasset Woods Road

30 and 215 Elderfields Road

1 and 34 Walter Lane

10 Pinetree Lane

89 Birch Lane (on Boulder)

399 Dogwood Lane

The hearing will take place at Flower Hill Village Hall, 1 Bonnie Heights Road, Manhasset. We encourage all residents, especially those that live on Eakins Road (North), to attend this meeting.

AuthorMaureen McLean

Manhasset/Port Washington Mayors Meet With NYS Assemblyman Anthony D’Urso to Discuss Issues of Local Concern to Village Residents

April 10, 2019 – Mayors representing residents in the Villages on the Cow Neck Peninsula, including Manhasset and Port Washington, met on Friday, April 5, 2019 with Assemblyman Anthony (“Tony”) D’Urso to discuss issues of importance to Village residents.

Participating in the meeting were Mayors Edward A.K. Adler (Sands Point), Lawrence A. Ceriello (Munsey Park), Barbara Donno (Plandome Manor), Nora Haagenson (Baxter Estates), Robert McNamara (Flower Hill), Thomas Minutillo (Plandome), Kenneth C. Riscica (Plandome Heights) and Robert Weitzner (Port Washington North). Together, these Mayors represent nearly half of the residents on the peninsula. Plandome Heights Mayor Kenneth C. Riscica hosted the meeting in Plandome Heights Village Hall.

The Mayors and Assemblyman D’Urso discussed a broad range of topics of concern to Village residents, including, the “tax cap”, progress of the East Side Access project which will provide direct access on the LIRR Port Washington Branch into Grand Central Terminal, the status of local applications for state grants for roads and other public works projects, the deleterious impacts of proposals to construct “flood gates” at Throgs Neck to protect NY City from storm surges and efforts in Albany to legalize recreational use of marijuana.

The Mayors thanked Assemblyman D’Urso for his long record of service to the Villages and in particular for his advocacy in helping to reverse proposed cuts in “Aid and Incentives for Municipalities” (“AIM”). AIM funding represents assistance that the Villages receive from the NY State which is used for infrastructure, road and other projects in the Villages. Assemblyman D’Urso noted that he recently joined the membership of the Committee on Local Government in the State Assembly to assist local governments in such efforts.

Assemblyman D’Urso gave the Mayors an update on issues and priorities in the State. The discussion was open, candid and thorough. The Mayors expressed appreciation to Assemblyman D’Urso for his efforts to aid his constituents, including the residents of Munsey Park. We expect to continue the conversation with Assemblyman D’Urso.

Assemblyman Anthony D’Urso (center) with Mayors from Manhasset and Port Washington (From left to right, Mayors Ed Adler, Larry Ceriello, Nora Haagenson, Bob Weitzner, Assemblyman D’Urso, Mayors Ken Riscica, Barbara Donno, Bob McNamara and Tom Minutillo

Assemblyman Anthony D’Urso (center) with Mayors from Manhasset and Port Washington (From left to right, Mayors Ed Adler, Larry Ceriello, Nora Haagenson, Bob Weitzner, Assemblyman D’Urso, Mayors Ken Riscica, Barbara Donno, Bob McNamara and Tom Minutillo

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Lawrence Ceriello - Mayor 47 Votes

Antonio D’Angelo - Trustee 43 Votes

Joseph Williams - Trustee 44 Votes

AuthorMaureen McLean

PSEG Long Island is beginning a scheduled project that will improve electric reliability for you and thousands of other customers in your community. It will replace existing poles and related equipment, strengthening the most vulnerable sections of the energy grid against extreme weather. This work is funded by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Hazard Mitigation Assistance Program.

Project Description and Benefits
Specifically, we will: 
• Replace existing wire with more weather-resistant wire
• Install new and more durable poles in several locations
• Replace switching equipment to help reduce the number of customers affected by an outage

Project Route
The route will cover approximately 2 miles along an electric main line circuit. PSEG Long Island crews will be working on the following streets in Town of North Hempstead and Villages of Munsey Park and Flower Hill and the hamlet of Manhasset:
• Nassau Avenue between Willow Place and Thayer Road 
• Thayer Road between Nassau Avenue and Park Avenue 
• Park Avenue between Thayer Road and Manhasset Woods Road 
• Manhasset Woods Road between Park Avenue and Northern Blvd (Route 25) 
• Northern Blvd (Route 25) between Deepdale Drive and Searingtown Road
• Rear Property south of Harrow Lane between Bruce Lane and Searingtown Road 

In addition, switching equipment will be replaced at:
• Plandome Road south of Dennis Street
• Nassau Avenue east of Onderdonk Avenue
• Manhasset Woods Road south of Hunt Lane

When will the work take place?
PSEG Long Island crews will generally work Monday – Saturday, 7:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m., with limited evening and Sunday work. No work will be done on major national holidays.

Who is doing the actual work?
PSEG Long Island licensed and approved contractors.

Will the project include tree trimming?
Trees growing near power lines significantly increase the chance of power outages and pose safety risks. As we expand and improve our electric circuits, we will trim trees, where necessary, following our utility best practice model (ANSI A300 standards as well as the Best Management Practices Tree Pruning publication): 8 feet to each side; 12 feet above; and 10 feet below the conductor.

What size and where will the poles be located?
The new poles will be approximately the same height as existing poles, have a stronger base and will be placed about two-to-three feet from the current pole locations. Removing old poles requires action from all utilities that have installed equipment on the pole. To expedite this process, PSEG Long Island will actively coordinate with the cable TV and telephone utilities, as well as local municipalities.

Will there be any traffic interruptions?

There will be minor traffic interruptions related to this work.  To ensure traffic moves safely, PSEG Long
Island licensed and approved contractors will provide cones, flagmen and signage at the work site, as needed, to minimize interruptions.

Will there be any power outages?
PSEG Long Island anticipates some localized, intentional, short-duration power outages related to this project. All affected customers will be notified in advance of any power outage.
What is the timeline for the project?
This project will start in April 2019 and will take approximately three months to complete.

Whom can I contact for more information?
Customers with questions about the project can visit or cna contact PSEG Long Island Customer Service at 1-800-490-0025.

As always, customer and employee safety is our primary concern. Please be cautious when travelling near our construction work zones.  

John O’Connell
Managing Director and Vice President, Electric Operations

AuthorMaureen McLean

Board of Trustees Winter Update 2019

The Board of Trustees hopes the New Year is off to a great start for everyone.  With a few weeks of winter left, we wanted to update the residents on what has been going on in and around the Village and some of the plans we are looking forward to in 2019.

IN REMEMBRANCE:  The Board of Trustees, on behalf of the Munsey Park Community would like to take a moment to remember and honor one of our local hero’s, Sgt. James “Jimmy” Regan. Sgt. Regan paid the ultimate sacrifice February 9th, 2007.   This year marks the 12th anniversary of his death and we honor his sacrifice to our country. The Regan family began Lead the Way Fund in Jimmy’s honor and if you are interested learning more about the great work they do, information can be found at

BUDGET:  We are in the process of preparing the budget for the 2019-2020 fiscal year, which begins on June 1 of this year.  We will present the budget at our April meeting. 

MARIJUANA:  As is well known, the State of New York is considering the legalization of recreational use of marijuana throughout the State.   The Board of Trustees is of the view that the State errs in consideration such legalization and that a retail marijuana store within the Village will have an adverse effect on the health, security and well-being of Village residents and would negatively impact real estate values and the quality of life within the Village.  After due consideration of the foregoing, the Board of Trustees voted to prohibit the “fabricating, manufacturing, growing, cultivating, displaying for retail or wholesale, dispensing, or the selling of marijuana or any products containing cannabis (whether naturally occurring or manufactured) or containing tetrahydrocannabinol or derivatives thereof (whether naturally occurring or manufactured), whether for medicinal use or other usesale”.   Similarly, we applaud the Town of North Hempstead’s ban of recreational sale of marijuana and thank all of the residents, both within the Village and within the Town, for making their views on this controversial subject known.

EXTENET:  Extenet, a telecom construction company, has made formal application for the installation of a “small cell node” at the Village owned triangle at the northwest corner of Park Avenue and Manhasset Woods Road.  The facility will not be a tower, but rather a typical flag pole and pedestal, replacing the existing flagpole at the site. 

The BOT is currently reviewing the application, and public hearings will be noticed and held. While federal law greatly restricts local authority in such matters, you can be assured that your Board has actively protected the interests of the residents. 

Your Board already persuaded Extenet to forego its original plan to place the facility in front of residences, instead locating it on Village property, and to make it unobtrusive.  Your Board is requiring Extenet to appear at public hearings, and provide evidence that the facility shall operate within federally mandated safety limits, there is a justifiable need for this facility within the Village, and the facility complies with applicable law. 

Anticipate further announcements regarding the date and time of these public hearings, and a special outreach will be made to residents who live closest to the location. 

ROADS: The Village plans to undertake the road improvement project of Bellows Lane, Stuart Lane and Eakins Road (south) this summer.  We are in the preliminary phases of this project.  Survey work is currently being planned, weather permitting, to prepare the roadway and driveway specs for the project.  The Board will keep residents updated on our progress.  In addition, the Village plans on repaving Burnham and parts of Kensett following the summer project.  

VILLAGE ELECTION: The Village election will be held on Tuesday, March 19th.  The polls will be open from 12pm to 9pm at Village Hall.  There are three positions up for election and the following have submitted petitions to be on the ballot. Current Trustee, Lawrence Ceriello will be running for Mayor, current Trustee Antonio D’Angelo will be running for one of two Trustee positions, and current BAC member Joseph Williams will be running for the second trustee position.  All three candidates are running unopposed.  More information is available at Village Hall. 

PSEG MAINTENANCE:  PSEG has notified the Village that they will be replacing existing poles and related equipment starting in April.  This is in an effort to strengthen the most vulnerable sections of the energy grid against extreme weather.  PSEG will be sending Village residents a letter with more information.  In addition, you can find the PSEG notice letter on the Village website.  If you should have any questions about this please contact PSEG Long Island Customer Service at 1-800-490-0025.

CAR AND HOME SAFETY:  As a reminder, do not forget to lock up your homes and cars.  There have been a number of car thefts in the Manhasset area.  Do not leave any valuable items in your car.  If you have a burglar alarm, use it whenever you go out and always at night.

SNOW REMOVAL:  The Winter season has been mild this year, but winter is not over.  As a reminder, residents must clear snow and ice from the sidewalk adjacent to their home. It is critical that all the walks are cleared. One uncleared section effectively eliminates access to the sidewalk for the entire community. The safety of our residents depends on everyone doing their part.  The Fire Department has also asked us to remind you to keep fire hydrants outside your homes clear. Lastly, it is also important that you clear a path to your garbage cans so that the carter can safely perform its duties. Meadow Carting will not pick up garbage, if a path has not been cleared.

EMAIL:  The Village experienced some email distribution problems with its server recently.  The problem has been corrected, but please check your spam or junk folder for any missed emails.  If you know of anyone that is not receiving the Village emails and would like to, please direct them to signup on the Village website or contact Village Hall for assistance.

VOLUNTEERS: If any residents have a desire to get involved with the Village, please reach out to Mayor DeMento or any of the other Trustees.

NEXT MEETING: Our next meeting will be March 13 at 7:30pm.

For additional information please visit our website at

Village of Munsey Park Board of Trustees:
Frank DeMento,  Mayor (
Jennifer Noone, Deputy Mayor (
Lawrence Ceriello, Trustee (
Antonio D'Angelo, Trustee (
Anthony M. Sabino, Trustee (

AuthorMaureen McLean

Once again, in our on-going effort to restore and renew the beautiful tree canopy over our Village streets, the Village will be planting trees throughout the Village.  We have selected beautiful specimen trees grown by Marando Nurseries of Manorville, Long Island, one of the region’s premier growers.  We have selected for planting “White Oaks”, a beautiful tree, iconic in our Village, and Zelkova “Green Vase”, a gorgeous tree widely considered as a substitute for the American Elm.  We expect planting to begin in the next couple of weeks.  We still have a few trees available for planting if you are interested in having one planted in front of your house. Just let Maureen Mclean in Village Hall know as soon as possible. 

AuthorMaureen McLean