held on March 13, 2019


Mayor Frank DeMento

Deputy Mayor Jennifer Noone

Trustee Lawrence Ceriello

Trustee Antonio D’Angelo

Trustee Anthony M. Sabino

Paul Pepper, Morici & Morici, LLP

The meeting was called to order by Mayor DeMento at 7:33pm.

The meeting was opened with the reciting of the Pledge of Allegiance, said by all.

JUSTICE REPORT: The Monthly Justice Report for February 2019 was presented by Trustee Sabino stating total fines assessed in the amount of $11,174.00.

POLICE REPORT: The Police Report for January 2019 was presented by Trustee Sabino, stating 4 aided cases other than auto, no Burglary-Residence, no Burglary-Business, no Robberies, none Larceny-Auto incident, one Larceny (other than auto) incidents, no Criminal Mischief incidents and a total of 124 summonses (124 movers, 0 Parkers).

BUILDING REPORT: The Building Report was presented by Trustee Sabino, stating that between June 1, 2018 and March 7, 2019, a total of 119 permits have been issued totaling $121,433.40 in Building Permit Fees.


Mr. and Mrs. Karacholies, 62 Borglum Road, presented to the Board their application for a rear Simtek Fence. The rear fence was conditionally approved at the April 11, 2019 BOT meeting pending further review and discussion of material with the Building Inspector. The Board approved the proposed eight foot Simtek fence. In addition, the homeowners agreed to patch the dilapidated rear stockade fence and provide landscaping in front of the Simtek fence on the Borglum Road side.


Pat O’Neil, architect, presented to the Board the grading plan for the proposed new house at 388 Park Avenue. James Antonelli, Village Engineer, reviewed the application and submitted his comments. The Board reviewed the findings, discussed the grading and approved the proposed plan.


Mayor DeMento announced the ballot for the election on Tuesday, March 19, 2019: Lawrence Ceriello - Mayor, Antonio D’Angelo – Trustee and Joseph Williams – Trustee.


The board unanimously approved the Munsey Park Woman’s Club Kids Run for Charity on Saturday, June 1, 2019. The race will be from 9:00 am – 10:30 am starting and ending at Polliwog Pond. The fair following the race will also take place at Polliwog Pond.


Trustee Noone stated that the new road project will include Stuart Place, Eakins Road (from Inness Place to Hunt Lane) and Bellows Lane. Trustee Noone asked the Board to approve the land surveying services of Russell H. Lewis Company for the total amount of $24,800. A motion to approve the amount and start the road project was made by Trustee Sabino, Seconded by Mayor DeMento and approved by all.

EXTENET – Re: Public Meeting April 10, 2019

Trustee Sabino announced there will be a public hearing at the next Board meeting on April 10, 2019. ExteNet will be in attendance with expert witnesses to testify before the Board as they are required by law. The Board prepared a FAQs packet and all of the materials submitted by ExteNet are available at Village Hall for public inspection. The FAQs are also posted on the Munsey Park Website. Trustee Sabino encouraged all residents to attend the public hearing.


Trustee Ceriello updated the Board on the meeting he had with the leadership team from PSEG on Monday, March 11th regarding the FEMA funded pole replacement project that will affect certain streets in Munsey Park. The Village recently received notification from PSEG, the utility providing electrical service to the Village, that they planning to replace certain utility poles and overhead electrical wires along Manhasset Woods Road (from Northern Blvd to Park Ave.), Park Avenue (from Manhasset Woods Road to Thayer Road), Thayer Road (from Park Avenue to Nassau Avenue) and Nassau Avenue (from Thayer Road to Munsey Place).

PSEG has identified parts of the Village as particularly vulnerable to power outages due to the age and condition of the poles and wires and PSEG has received FEMA grant funds to update these critical components of a reliable electrical grid.

Trustee Ceriello stated that installation of the poles is expected to begin in early April and will entail placement of the new pole as close as possible to the existing pole. Since PSEG is not responsible for moving telephone and cable lines to the new poles, he expects that there will be a period of time while both the old poles and the new poles co-exist. The Village intends to push for removal of the old poles as soon as possible but we will not be able to control the telephone or cable companies schedules. Once all utility lines are transferred to the new poles, the old poles will be removed and the ground restored.

Installation of the new poles will also require some limited tree pruning along the right-of-way. The Village has been fiercely protective of its right-of-way trees and we have received assurances from Asplundh (the tree pruning service engaged by PSEG), that only those tree limbs absolutely requiring pruning or removal will be affected. A member of the Village road team will be present to monitor this work and ensure that the interests of the Village residents are protected. Trustee Ceriello’s report was unanimously approved by the Board.

Deputy Mayor Noone and the entire Board thanked Mayor DeMento for his six years of service to The Village of Munsey Park.

A Motion to close the meeting was made by Trustee Sabino, seconded by Deputy Mayor Noone and approved by all. The meeting was adjourned at 8:52 pm.

Questions and comments were received from the following residents:

Ms. Malinda Gillan

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Frank DeMento Tara Gibbons

Mayor Treasurer/Clerk

AuthorMaureen McLean