March 9, 2016


Mayor Sean Haggerty   Trustee Frank J. DeMento       
Deputy Mayor John Lippmann
Trustee Patrick M. Hance
Trustee Jennifer Noone       
Robert Morici, Village Attorney
Barbara C. Miller, Clerk/Treasurer

The Mayor called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m.

MINUTES for the meeting of February 10, 2016 was approved by all with corrections.

CLAIMS for February/March were presented, as detailed in the Abstract of Vouchers in the amount of $100,387.17.  After review, the Board approved all for payment. 

JUSTICE REPORT for February, 2016 was submitted and stated revenues in the total amount of $9,002.00. 


The Village Attorney presented to the Board Local Law #2-2016 “A local law to establish chapter 27 for the Code of Ethics”.  The Mayor opened the public hearing on the adoption of this local law, and all who wished to be heard, were heard.  After review, the hearing was closed on a motion made by Deputy Mayor John Lippmann, seconded by Trustee Jennifer Noone, and unanimously carried.  Mayor Sean Haggerty made the motion to adopt Local Law #2 -2016, which was seconded by Trustee Jennifer Noone and confirmed.  (a copy of the local law will be annexed to these minutes.)


Trustee Hance explained that the tentative budget is a work in progress.  The final budget will be placed on the April agenda as a public hearing.


Peter Albinski, architect for Manhasset Development, LLC, presented to the Board the preliminary civil and site design of the proposed new residence on Bellows Lane.  The Village Engineer, Steven E. Patek, reviewed the site plan and accepted all the changes that were suggested to Mr. Albinski, except he was concerned about the trees.  Mr. Albinski explained to the Board that some trees obviously have to be removed due to the location of the house, but the owner will make sure that no trees are unnecessarily removed.  The Village Building Inspector also commented that Mr. Albinski had made all the necessary changes indicated by the Village Engineer.  Motion to approve the site plan with the drainage and grading made by Mayor Sean Haggerty, seconded by Trustee Patrick Hance and approved by all.


Dr. Susi addressed the Board as to when the Village speed sign will be moved to other areas of the village.  Mayor Sean Haggerty explained that the sign will be moved shortly.  Dr. Susi also advised the Board that residents are continuing to place trash at the curb.  The Village Clerk requested that Dr. Susi give her the addresses and she will also contact Meadow Carting.

Motion to go into executive session made by Deputy Mayor John Lippmann, seconded by Mayor Sean Haggerty and confirmed by all.

AuthorBarbara Miller