April 10, 2013

PRESENT:                 ABSENT:  None
Mayor Frank J. DeMento                                 
Deputy Mayor Sean Haggerty
Trustee Patrick M. Hance
Trustee Susan Auriemma    
Trustee Matthew Seidner
James A. Bradley, Village Attorney
Barbara C. Miller, Clerk/Treasurer

The Mayor called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m

MINUTES for the meeting of March 13, 2013 were approved.

CLAIMS for March/April were presented, as detailed in the Abstract of Vouchers in the amount of $75,932.27.  After review, the Board approved all for payment.  

JUSTICE REPORT for March, 2013 was submitted and stated revenues in the total amount of $7,500.00

POLICE REPORT for March, 2013 was distributed to the Board.   During the month of March, the following activity was noted: 

  • Auto Accidents, 1
  • Aided Cases, 5
  • Burglary, 0
  • Robbery, 0
  • Larceny, 2
  • Summonses, VTL 53, Parkers 41

Paul Critti and Daniela Buchholz appeared before the Board to go over security and the date and time of the SCA Fair.  The fair will be held on Saturday, May 4, 2013 from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm rain or shine.  Hopefully it won’t rain, as there is no rain date.  On a motion made by Mayor Frank J. DeMento, seconded by Deputy Mayor Sean Haggerty, the Board unanimously approved the application.

Mayor Frank J. DeMento opened the public hearing on the budget.  He advised the Board that because everyone was relatively new on the Board that the Budget Hearing would be adjourned until Wednesday, April 17, 2013 at 8:00 pm.  The Village Clerk was advised to send the legal ad to the Manhasset Press, place it on the web site and also post the notice at Village Hall.  A motion to adjourn the hearing to such date and time was made by Mayor Frank J. Demento, seconded by Trustee Matthew Seidner, and approved by all. 

Randy Manion, Location Manager, for Warner Brothers Productions advised the Board that Warner Brothers is interested in filming in the Village of Munsey Park at 9 Burnham Place in the middle of May.  The filming would take place for 16 days of which five would be exterior shots.  They are interested in applying for a filming permit and hoped that it could be approved at the April 17, 2013 meeting.  The Village Clerk was instructed to send Warner Brothers the permit application and the Village Attorney will check both with the police and review the submitted application.

There are 47 tree stumps that still remain in the Village from the damage caused by Hurricane Sandy.  The Village Clerk negotiated the CAHABA Disaster Recovery workers to reduce their charge for the removal from a cost $17,000 to a cost of $10,000.  The stumps will be grinded and the village crew will follow up with soil and seed.  On a motion to approve the removal of the village stumps at a cost of $10,000 made by Mayor Frank J. Demento, seconded by Trustee Susan Auriemma, the Board unanimously approved the proposal of the CAHABA Disaster Recovery workers to grind the stumps at a cost to the Village of $10,000.  The removal will begin in early May.

Dr. Susi had appealed to the Board of trustees to remove a tree in front of his house.  The Tree Committee had denied him.  Deputy mayor Sean Haggerty reported that had met with Susi’s and that the tree is close to the house and recommended that it should be removed.  He further recommended that the Susi’s would have to replace the tree with another tree of a caliber of their choice, at a location on their property of their choice.  A motion was made by Mayor Frank J. DeMento and seconded by Trustee Patrick Hance  to approve the removal of the large Oak tree, and directly that the Susi’s replace the tree as recommended above by the end of December, 2013 and was approved by a vote of 4-0-1, Trustee Susan Auriemma abstaining.

The family from 80 Bellows requested to meet with the Mayor and Board of Trustees privately concerning their property. The Mayor advised the family that the meeting would take place right after this meeting.

There being no further business, the meeting was declared adjourned at 8:15pm.

Frank J. DeMento                            

Barbara C. Miller

AuthorVillage Administrator