Village of Munsey Park

Board of Trustees Meeting

Wednesday, April 10, 2019 – 7:30 p.m.

Village Hall


1. Pledge of Allegiance

2. Motion to Open Meeting

3. Election Results/Administration of Oath of Office

4. Annual Meeting – adoption of appointments and resolutions

5. Minutes – Approval of Minutes of Board of Trustees – March 13, 2019

6. Financial Report –

  • Tentative 2019/2020 Budget

  • Results of Village 2018 Fiscal Stress Score

7. Mayor’s Report –

  • Update on PSEG Utility Upgrade

  • Update of State Budget Impact on Village

  • Meeting with State Representative(s)

Congressman Suozzi (April 16th)

Assemblyman D’Urso (April 10th)

  • Required Training

  • Manhasset Lakeville Annual Awards Night (May 2nd)

8. Public Safety Report

9. Building Advisory Committee Report –

  • 5 Barnard Place

10. Village Road/Parks Report –

  • Update on 2019 Road Improvement Projects

  • Street Sign and Lamppost Painting Project

  • Trees

11. New Business -

  • Proclamation in Honor of P.O. Scott Ferrara on the occasion of his retirement

  • Presentation by Extenet for placement of cell equipment on Village-owned Property located at Manhasset Woods Rd. and Park Avenue

  • Such other items that properly come before the Board

12. Motion to go into Executive Session*

13. Motion to Adjourn Public Meeting

*If required, the Board will vote in the public meeting to discuss items appropriate for executive session pursuant to Open Meetings Law. If no such motion is adopted, or at the conclusion of executive session, the Board will resume the public meeting.

AuthorMaureen McLean