The Board of Trustees wishes everyone a great start to the school year and a happy first day of fall!  Summer is sadly over, but we are looking forward to what autumn brings to our Village.  The Board did not meet in August so we wanted to update you on issues discussed at our September meeting and other issues that are currently affecting the Village. 

REMEMBRANCE:  Please take the time to remember all the families that were affected by September 11, 2001, especially our Village residents.  They include Thomas Burke, Paul R. Casio, James Connor, Joseph D. Dickey Jr., John F. Iskyan, Timothy C. Kelly, and Frank Salvaterra.

TRAFFIC & SAFETY:  School is open and we ask all residents to SLOW DOWN.  Please take your time driving through the Village and be aware of children and pedestrians in the neighborhood.  Slow down, come to a complete stop at the stop signs and find a safe spot to drop off and pick up your student by the school.  Parking measures around the school are designed for the safety of the residents.  Speed control and safety starts with us.

ROADS: The South Eakins, Bellows Lane, Stuart Place road improvement project is currently underway and we thank all of the residents for their cooperation and patience during the construction.  Construction will continue for the next few weeks.  Burnham Place will be repaved at the same time the paving occurs on Eakins, Bellows and Stuart.  Minor road repairs will be also conducted this week and next on Nassau Avenue.   If possible, for your safety, we ask residents to avoid these areas during construction.  

MPWC KICK OFF PARTY:  Please join the Munsey Park Women’s Club as they host the annual MPWC Kick Off Cocktail Party.  Whether you have lived in the neighborhood for a short time or for many years, the party is great opportunity to catch up with friends old and new and to learn about the social and philanthropic events the MPWC has planned for the coming year. 

The party will be held on Wednesday, September 25th at the home of Valerie Siener, 271 Park Avenue, at 8pm.  The kickoff event is free and open to all. Please RSVP to 

HALLOWEEN:  Halloween is a little more than a month away.  The Board of Trustees wishes to urge residents (especially those with small children) to be safe.  Nightfall comes earlier at that time of the year and it is often difficult for drivers to see those in dark costumes.  In planning your activities on that day, please bear this in mind.
In addition, we have noticed (as we are sure that you have) that large crowds gather on Ryder Road.  At first, this was charming.  But in the last few years, the crowds have increased beyond the point of it being fun and it is a growing concern in the community.   The situation is exacerbated by the fact that large groups visit us from outside Munsey Park.  While we welcome all to our community, unfortunately, the large crowds come with heavy traffic increasing the chances of injury on our narrow roads.   While the activities on Ryder Road are not sponsored or encouraged by the Village, we will continue to monitor the situation.  We urge all residents and visitors to avoid Ryder Road and trick or treat on Munsey Park’s other beautiful streets.  We are sure that you will find many treats on these other streets.

MOW, DON’T BLOW:  Mowing your leaves - also known as mulch mowing - into tiny pieces on your lawn, is healthier for your lawn and soil than piling or bagging them to be removed.  As the shredded leaves decompose, their nutrients enhance the soil and provide free organic mulch for your garden beds. The pollutants from leaf blowers and trucks are avoided.  If you use a landscaper, ask them to mulch mow your leaves instead of blowing the leaves into a pile at the curb.

NEW TO THE VILLAGE:  Have a new neighbor?  Please tell your new neighbors about the great place we call home, the Village of Munsey Park.   Encourage them to check out our website at and to stop by Village Hall.  Tara and Maureen will give them a warm welcome and help them with any questions they may have.  New residents can join our Village email distribution list to receive Village updates and newsletters.  Welcome packets are also available to new residents at Village Hall.

With the possibility of significant weather events approaching our area this season, it is a good time to revisit your family’s level of emergency prepared-ness.  Do you have a communications plan?  How about an emergency kit?  Have you practiced your plan?  The Village is here to help, but individual and family emergency preparation is critical to staying safe during a dangerous storm.  During an emergency situation in the Village, Village Hall will be open for shelter and for any power assistance a resident may need.  Here are some useful phone numbers to keep on hand.

Emergencies: Dial 911
To report power outages or downed power lines:
• PSEG 24 hour hotline: (800) 490-0075
To report gas outages or gas safety emergencies:
• National Grid 24 hour hotline: (800) 490-0045
Information on mass transit service:
• MTA/LIRR/NYC Transit:
• LIRR 24 hour travel information center: 718-217-5477
Up to the minute information about traffic conditions on Long Island’s major roads:
• NYS Department of Transportation’s 511 service: or call 511.

NO SOLICITATION LIST: If you wish to be placed on a ‘Do Not Solicit List’ please contact Village Hall.

VOLUNTEERS: If any residents have a desire to get involved with the Village, please reach out to Mayor Ceriello or any of the other Trustees.

NEXT MEETING: Our next meeting will be Wednesday October 9, at 7:30pm.

For additional information please visit our website at

The Village of Munsey Park

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