The Village of Flower Hill will be holding a public hearing on May 6, 2019 at 7:30 PM. Extenet Systems Inc., will discuss their application for the installation of 18 Telecommuincation Nodes to be placed on existing and replacement utility poles at the following locations:

*268 Eakins Road

96 Drake Lane

2 Chanticlare Road

6 Cardinal Road

330/397/335 Stonytown Road

27 Bonnie Heights Road

56/162 Boulder Road

530 Manhasset Woods Road

30 and 215 Elderfields Road

1 and 34 Walter Lane

10 Pinetree Lane

89 Birch Lane (on Boulder)

399 Dogwood Lane

The hearing will take place at Flower Hill Village Hall, 1 Bonnie Heights Road, Manhasset. We encourage all residents, especially those that live on Eakins Road (North), to attend this meeting.

AuthorMaureen McLean