Board of Trustees Winter Update 2019

The Board of Trustees hopes the New Year is off to a great start for everyone.  With a few weeks of winter left, we wanted to update the residents on what has been going on in and around the Village and some of the plans we are looking forward to in 2019.

IN REMEMBRANCE:  The Board of Trustees, on behalf of the Munsey Park Community would like to take a moment to remember and honor one of our local hero’s, Sgt. James “Jimmy” Regan. Sgt. Regan paid the ultimate sacrifice February 9th, 2007.   This year marks the 12th anniversary of his death and we honor his sacrifice to our country. The Regan family began Lead the Way Fund in Jimmy’s honor and if you are interested learning more about the great work they do, information can be found at

BUDGET:  We are in the process of preparing the budget for the 2019-2020 fiscal year, which begins on June 1 of this year.  We will present the budget at our April meeting. 

MARIJUANA:  As is well known, the State of New York is considering the legalization of recreational use of marijuana throughout the State.   The Board of Trustees is of the view that the State errs in consideration such legalization and that a retail marijuana store within the Village will have an adverse effect on the health, security and well-being of Village residents and would negatively impact real estate values and the quality of life within the Village.  After due consideration of the foregoing, the Board of Trustees voted to prohibit the “fabricating, manufacturing, growing, cultivating, displaying for retail or wholesale, dispensing, or the selling of marijuana or any products containing cannabis (whether naturally occurring or manufactured) or containing tetrahydrocannabinol or derivatives thereof (whether naturally occurring or manufactured), whether for medicinal use or other usesale”.   Similarly, we applaud the Town of North Hempstead’s ban of recreational sale of marijuana and thank all of the residents, both within the Village and within the Town, for making their views on this controversial subject known.

EXTENET:  Extenet, a telecom construction company, has made formal application for the installation of a “small cell node” at the Village owned triangle at the northwest corner of Park Avenue and Manhasset Woods Road.  The facility will not be a tower, but rather a typical flag pole and pedestal, replacing the existing flagpole at the site. 

The BOT is currently reviewing the application, and public hearings will be noticed and held. While federal law greatly restricts local authority in such matters, you can be assured that your Board has actively protected the interests of the residents. 

Your Board already persuaded Extenet to forego its original plan to place the facility in front of residences, instead locating it on Village property, and to make it unobtrusive.  Your Board is requiring Extenet to appear at public hearings, and provide evidence that the facility shall operate within federally mandated safety limits, there is a justifiable need for this facility within the Village, and the facility complies with applicable law. 

Anticipate further announcements regarding the date and time of these public hearings, and a special outreach will be made to residents who live closest to the location. 

ROADS: The Village plans to undertake the road improvement project of Bellows Lane, Stuart Lane and Eakins Road (south) this summer.  We are in the preliminary phases of this project.  Survey work is currently being planned, weather permitting, to prepare the roadway and driveway specs for the project.  The Board will keep residents updated on our progress.  In addition, the Village plans on repaving Burnham and parts of Kensett following the summer project.  

VILLAGE ELECTION: The Village election will be held on Tuesday, March 19th.  The polls will be open from 12pm to 9pm at Village Hall.  There are three positions up for election and the following have submitted petitions to be on the ballot. Current Trustee, Lawrence Ceriello will be running for Mayor, current Trustee Antonio D’Angelo will be running for one of two Trustee positions, and current BAC member Joseph Williams will be running for the second trustee position.  All three candidates are running unopposed.  More information is available at Village Hall. 

PSEG MAINTENANCE:  PSEG has notified the Village that they will be replacing existing poles and related equipment starting in April.  This is in an effort to strengthen the most vulnerable sections of the energy grid against extreme weather.  PSEG will be sending Village residents a letter with more information.  In addition, you can find the PSEG notice letter on the Village website.  If you should have any questions about this please contact PSEG Long Island Customer Service at 1-800-490-0025.

CAR AND HOME SAFETY:  As a reminder, do not forget to lock up your homes and cars.  There have been a number of car thefts in the Manhasset area.  Do not leave any valuable items in your car.  If you have a burglar alarm, use it whenever you go out and always at night.

SNOW REMOVAL:  The Winter season has been mild this year, but winter is not over.  As a reminder, residents must clear snow and ice from the sidewalk adjacent to their home. It is critical that all the walks are cleared. One uncleared section effectively eliminates access to the sidewalk for the entire community. The safety of our residents depends on everyone doing their part.  The Fire Department has also asked us to remind you to keep fire hydrants outside your homes clear. Lastly, it is also important that you clear a path to your garbage cans so that the carter can safely perform its duties. Meadow Carting will not pick up garbage, if a path has not been cleared.

EMAIL:  The Village experienced some email distribution problems with its server recently.  The problem has been corrected, but please check your spam or junk folder for any missed emails.  If you know of anyone that is not receiving the Village emails and would like to, please direct them to signup on the Village website or contact Village Hall for assistance.

VOLUNTEERS: If any residents have a desire to get involved with the Village, please reach out to Mayor DeMento or any of the other Trustees.

NEXT MEETING: Our next meeting will be March 13 at 7:30pm.

For additional information please visit our website at

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AuthorMaureen McLean