The Board of Trustees hope all the Village residents are enjoying the end of summer and the start of a new school year.  The Board did not meet in August so we wanted to update you on issues discussed at our September meeting and other issues that are currently affecting the Village.

REMEMBRANCE:  Please take the time to remember all the families that were affected by September 11, 2001, especially our Village residents.  They include Thomas Burke, Paul R. Casio, James Connor, Joseph D. Dickey Jr., John F. Iskyan, Timothy C. Kelly, and Frank Salvaterra.

TRAFFIC & SAFETY:  School is open.  Back-to-school time means more pedestrians and bicyclists around our schools and in our Village.  Please drive safe and give yourself some extra time.  There are first time students walking our streets with parents who will be very excited about the new year.  Let's make sure we have a safe start to the school year.  Slow down, come to a complete stop at the stop signs and find a safe spot to drop off and pick up your student.  Please observe all parking signs in the Village, especially around Munsey Park School.  During Munsey Park school open house evenings in September, parking is restricted to one side of the street, please observe all parking restrictions.  Village streets are too narrow for double side parking and restricts access for emergency vehicles. 

ROADS:  The Hawthorne/North Eakins road re-pavement project was completed over the summer and we thank all of the residents for their cooperation and patience during the construction.   As we continue to address the infrastructure needs of the Village, we are focusing on the worst rated roads according to the VMP Road Ratings Map, which can be found on the Village’s website.  The Village currently has a bid out for the repaving of Hunt Lane (Abbey Road East to Sully Drive), Earle Place and Morse Lane and hopes to complete this project in the Fall.  We will update residents on this project at the October meeting after we receive all of the bids.

SENATOR ELAINE PHILLIPS ROAD GRANT:  The Village would like to thank Senator Elaine Phillips, who granted the Village $150,000 for our roads.  We will put this generous grant towards our next infrastructure project.  The Village will continue to apply for road grants at the town, county and state level and we are hopeful to get even more financial assistance to improve our roads.

EXTENET:  We are pleased to report that Extenet, the company that had applied for a special use permit to install a cell node on Manhasset Woods Road, north of Park Avenue and then sued the Village of Munsey Park for not approving the application, has withdrawn the application and voluntarily discontinued the lawsuit against the Village.  We are delighted with these developments.  Notwithstanding the foregoing, the interest of cell providers in adding cell facilities may continue and Munsey Park, along with surrounding Villages, may receive further requests to consider these telecommunication facilities.  The Board stands ready to enforce the provisions of the Village Code to protect the interests of our residents.  At this time, however, the matter is closed.  The Board will continue to insist on strict compliance of the Code in connection with all future applications for telecommunications infrastructure in the Village.  The Village will also continue to monitor associated events, in Munsey Park and in nearby Villages, and will keep residents informed of further developments, if any.

ON-GOING TREE REPLACEMENT:  The Village is continuing with its efforts to restore the right-of-way trees throughout the Village.  Over the past year, we have planted approximately 40 trees – London Plane, White Oaks and Zelkova trees on Manhasset Woods Road, Park Avenue and various other streets upon request of residents.   This Fall we expect to plant another 36 trees of various types throughout the Village.  If you are interested in placing your name on a list to obtain a tree along the street in front of your home, let Village Hall (Deputy Clerk Maureen Mclean) know.  We expect to be placing our order with the tree farm in the next few weeks and planting will occur after the first frost in November/December.

VILLAGE ENTRANCES:  You have probably noticed some landscaping improvements at the entrances to the Village at the Park Avenue Hill and at Manhasset Woods Road.   Things have moved slowly due to the availability of suitable plants, the sudden onset of hot, dry weather earlier this year and the lack of irrigation in those spots.  However, we are now moving to complete the project. We expect to install landscape lighting and irrigation in those areas this month and finish planting thereafter.  We think that you will like the results.
MLWD WORK:  The water district is conducting an upgrade on a Park Avenue waterline from the water tower.  They are currently waiting for the approval from the health department to complete the waterline tie-ins, which should occur in the next week or so.  All affected residents have been notified by the MLWD.  Once these tie-ins are complete, MLWD restoration of Park Avenue will begin. 

NO SOLICITATION LIST:  Various organizations have been soliciting Village residents asking for their support or contribution to a certain cause.  If any resident would like to be placed on a ‘Do Not Solicit List’ please contact Village Hall.

NEW AMERICAN ARTISTS:  As you know, the streets in Munsey Park are named after famous American artists – Winslow Homer, Thomas Eakins, Gilbert Stuart, James Abbott McNeil Whistler to name a few.   If you’ve visited Village Hall, you noticed reproductions of some of their famous paintings on display.    This Fall, we are inviting residents of Munsey Park to submit their own works of art for a limited time display in Village Hall under a program we call “New American Artists”.  Village Hall will have more information available on this event shortly.

REDWOODS IN MUNSEY?:  Yes! A little backstory since the story behind Dawn Redwoods is fascinating!  The Dawn Redwood (Metasequoia glyptostroboides) is believed to have once been one of the most widespread tree species in the Northern Hemisphere.  Fossil remains of this redwood were found in North America, Asia and Greenland.  Scientists had concluded that it must have been extinct for millions of years.  However, in 1944, a Chinese forester found an enormous dawn redwood in a remote province of China and in 1948, a small group collected the seeds and distributed the same to various universities and arboreta worldwide for growth trials.   The tree has made a remarkable comeback and may now be found in NYC’s Central Park and in London among other places.  Unlike most other conifers, the tree is deciduous, seasonally dropping its delicate needles in the late fall.  Now, through the generosity of Joseph Marando, owner of Marando Nurseries of Manorville, the tree farm where we have sourced our right-of way trees, 2 Dawn Redwoods will be donated to Munsey Park and planted, one each in Waldman Memorial Park and Copley Pond Park.  Once we have a date for planting, we will let you know.

With the possibility of significant weather events approaching our area this season, here are some useful phone numbers to keep on hand.

Emergencies: Dial 911
To report power outages or downed power lines:
• PSEG 24 hour hotline: (800) 490-0075
To report gas outages or gas safety emergencies:
• National Grid 24 hour hotline: (800) 490-0045
Information on mass transit service:
• MTA/LIRR/NYC Transit:
• LIRR 24 hour travel information center: 718-217-5477
Up to the minute information about traffic conditions on Long Island’s major roads:
• NYS Department of Transportation’s 511 service: or call 511.

VOLUNTEERS: If any residents have a desire to get involved with the Village, please reach out to Mayor DeMento or any of the other Trustees.

NEXT MEETING: Our next meeting will be October 10, at 7:30pm.

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