Dear Residents,

We are pleased to report that the Village has been informed that Extenet, the company that applied for a special use permit to install a cell node on Manhasset Woods Road, north of Park Avenue and then sued the Village of Munsey Park for not approving the application, has withdrawn the application and voluntarily discontinued the lawsuit against the Village.   We are delighted with these developments.   Notwithstanding the foregoing, the interest of cell providers in adding cell facilities continues unabated and Munsey Park, along with surrounding Villages, may receive further requests to consider these telecommunication facilities.  The Board stands ready to enforce the provisions of the Village Code to protect the interests of our residents.  At this time, however, the matter is closed.   The Board will continue to monitor associated events, in Munsey Park and in nearby Villages, and will keep residents informed of further developments, if any.

 Mayor and Board of Trustees

AuthorMaureen McLean