Dear Residents,

We’ve been recently notified that the Town of North Hempstead has mandated that all lawn and garden waste be placed “loose” in containers (not to exceed 32 gallons) or, alternatively, in paper recycling bags.  The Town will no longer accept lawn and garden waste if contained in plastic bags.  An announcement received by the Village explaining this change is attached.   Our contract with Meadow Carting requires Meadow Carting to remove lawn and garden waste (other than that generated by commercial lawn care companies) from Munsey Park homes.  Such waste is ultimately delivered by Meadow Carting to the Town for disposal.  Therefore, these new rules will be applicable to residents of Munsey Park and, consequently, lawn and garden waste contained in plastic bags will not be removed by Meadow Carting.  A limited supply of brown biodegradable paper lawn bags are available at Village Hall for your convenience.  Please make every effort to comply with these new rules.  If you have any questions, please let us know. 

The Village of Munsey Park

AuthorMaureen McLean