At a recent Board of Trustees meeting a resident asked the Board to review the condition of sidewalks in the Village, implying that the sidewalks needed repair or replacement.  As Village residents know, only two streets in Munsey Park have sidewalks: Park Avenue (from Munsey Place to Manhasset Woods Road on the north side and to Abbey Road on the south side) and Manhasset Wood Road (to Park Avenue).   We asked the Village road crew to do a visual examination of the sidewalks and prepare a report to the Board.  The report is below. In essence, the sidewalks in the Village are in relatively good shape. There is the some cracking (especially near driveway aprons) and minor lifting or settling but nothing out of the ordinary, especially for sidewalks that are, in some areas, close to 85 years old.  None of these conditions require any repair work or replacement at this time.  We also note that, to date, no complaints or claims have been received by or asserted against the Village based on the condition of the sidewalks.


If you have any comments, questions or concerns, please contact Village Hall. 


Village Sidewalk Status

All the sidewalks in The Village were checked on 2/23/18. Overall they are in very good condition and in the opinion of the maintenance staff none need repair or replacement at this time. Below is a list of all the sections that have some minor defects.

Key:     Minor Undulation- A slightly raised or depressed area of approximately 1-2”

            Minor Crack- A small crack of varying length without concrete loss or degradation


Manhasset Woods Rd. (MWR) East Side:

·       Hunt La. to Revere Rd.           Minor Undulations

·       188 MWR                                Minor Undulations and Minor Cracks in one slab

Manhasset Woods Rd. (MWR) West Side:

·       203 MWR                              Minor Undulation and Minor Cracks in one slab

·       131 MWR                                Very Minor Cracks

·       107 MWR                               Very Minor Cracks

·       Hunt La. to Revere Rd.          Minor Undulations

Park Ave. North Side:

·       361, 355, 339,331 Park Ave.   Very Minor Cracks

·       299 Park Ave.                        Very Minor Undulation

·       279 Park Ave.                        Minor Cracks

Park Ave. South Side:

·       Corner Park & Eakins Rd.       Minor Undulations

·       414, 420 Park Ave.                  Minor Cracks and Minor Undulations

·       480, 496, 504, 534 Park Ave.  Minor Undulations

·       568 Park Ave.                          Minor Cracks and Minor Undulations

·       610 Park Ave.                          Minor Cracks

·       Corner Park & Abbey Rd.       Minor Cracks and Minor Undulations

AuthorMaureen McLean