In an effort to improve the quality of life and safety in our community,
the Mayors of the five Manhasset villages have worked with NCPD leadership
to increase local traffic enforcement and monitoring of our parks by
stepping up neighborhood patrols.

Meetings and conversations with NCPD Commissioner Thomas Krumpter,
Precinct Commanding Officer - Inspector Daniel Flanagan, Precinct Deputy
Commanding Officer, Deputy Inspector Gregory Abruzzo, and other senior officers
over the past two weeks were focused on speeding and stop sign violations
within the Villages. Commissioner Krumpter and our Precinct leadership have agreed
that NCPD will add increased traffic enforcement in the Manhasset Villages
in the near future. Immediately targeted areas for enforcement will include major
roads and "cut through" streets.

Please do your part to increase safety for all and mitigate your risk of tickets
by slowing down and obeying traffic signs when driving. To stay safe when exercising
on streets without sidewalks, please remember to walk or jog facing traffic so that
you can see cars driving toward you.  Bicyclists should ride on the side of road
with the direction of traffic and obey all traffic laws, including stoping where
posted and using hand signals when turning.

Beyond these items, Commissioner Krumpter spoke to us about crime statistics
and police resources both moving in a positive direction for our neighborhood.
That said, we take this opportunity to remind residents to secure their cars
and houses, when unattended - even for short periods of time.

Wishing everyone a great season ahead,

Board of Trustees

AuthorBarbara Miller