In an effort to both deliver better services to residents and increase efficiencies, transparency and employee accountability in the Village, the Board of Trustees created the new position of Village Administrator.

This position was officially created in order to increase everyone’s understanding of Village needs and employee responsibilities. There is a clear need for greater assistance with administrative work and consistency of Village representation in meetings with local organizations and other municipalities. Addressing these issues will help Munsey Park residents maintain the high standard of living to which they are accustomed without increasing costs.

Dan Breen was appointed to a one-year term at Wednesday's public meeting.  Dan has solid knowledge of the Village and the challenges facing it. Since joining the Village’s Utility Crew as a full time employee in January 2016, he has become well known to many residents and has frequently taken on responsibilities beyond utility work, including performing ad hoc administrative work and meeting with other municipal entities. Since Dan's actual duties straddle both field and administrative roles, it was necessary to update his official responsibilities to reflect this role; it was done without changing his compensation schedule.

The Village Administrator does not supplant the Village Clerk or Deputy Clerk. The position and appointment were fully vetted and are compliant with the Village Code and applicable law, per the Village Attorney.

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