Incorporated Village of Munsey Park      March 2017
Village Update

The Village would like to take this opportunity to update our residents with some important happenings and future projects. Please take a moment and read details about the Impending Storm, Road Work, Elections, Village Financials, and some additional initiatives. If any resident has additional questions, please contact Barbara or Maureen at Village Hall.

With the impeding storm is due to hit our area beginning early Tuesday morning, the Village would like to pass along some helpful reminders and numbers so as a community we can get through the storm as smoothly as possible.
At this time forecasts are calling for ranges of 12” to 24” of snow, with the heaviest accumulations starting after midnight throughout the day Tuesday. These forecasts will certainly change throughout the day so please keep yourself updated and avoid being out in the worst of the storm.
We ask residents adhere to the following tips to stay safe during the storm and cleanup
• Use the balance of today to get any additional essentials for your home, including batteries, needed food, salt for walkways, and gas for snow blowers prior to the storms arrival.
• The Village has always taken great pride in having our streets clear prior to the surrounding Villages and Town. With a storm of this magnitude please keep all cars off the streets, avoid driving, or being out during the storm.
• Please check in with elderly neighbors and offer any assistance needed.
• Those residents with sidewalks we ask you to do your best to clear them of snow as quickly as possible.
• In the case of power outages, please call PSEG directly at 800-490-0075 or visit their website for assistance and additional information.
• In case of Emergency please call 911

We are approximately three quarters of the way through our fiscal year, which ends on May 31.  Our budget for this year had revenues of $1.75mm, of which property taxes are $1.25mm.  The remainder of the revenue is primarily from building permits, court proceeds and shares from the state and utilities.  We expect to exceed budget considerably as we have taken in higher building permit revenue and we have received more state contributions for roads.  Our expenses should be on-budget in aggregate, resulting in a surplus which will go into our capital fund for future use.

We are in process of preparing a budget for the fiscal year 2018, which begins on June 1 of this year.  There will be a budget hearing as part of the Trustees Meeting on April 12 at Village Hall.  This year we would like to allocate more money to road repairs, and we face the renewal of our contract with Meadow Carting, which will likely come with a substantial increase in cost.  We will do our best to manage our other expenses tightly and keep the overall tax increase as low as possible.

The Village maintenance crew continues with its routine pothole repairs throughout the Village. The crew does their best to clean out any loose debris, filling the pothole with cold asphalt patch to avoid any damage to vehicles or pedestrians traveling throughout the Village.  Although the maintenance crew does their best to try to address all road damage created over the winter, if there is damage on your street that needs attention please contact Village Hall.

The Village has engaged engineer Jim Antonelli, P.C. to assist in the repaving of Inness Place.  The engineer will prepare the design, bid and construction phases of the project.  Construction on Inness should begin sometime in May. 

An overall Village road assessment was just completed by engineering firm Sidney Bowne.  The assessment includes a map which color codes all of the streets and gutters in the Village with measurements and ratings.  For those that are interested, the map and evaluation is available for view at Village Hall.  In addition, Sidney Bowne prepared a road construction estimate which covers 2.1 miles of Village road and gutter construction at an estimated cost of $3.6 million.  The estimate includes construction and engineering fees broken out into 5 phases.  The Village will use this data to decide on how it will move forward with future road construction and whether or not the Village will take out another bond for road repair.

The Munsey Park Woman's club has completed its fund raising campaign for a revitalization of the park. In addition to raising funds, MPWC has received donations for bricks, benches and trees. The Village has also petitioned state and local governments for grants. We should know how much grant money we will receive in April. Thereafter, a final revitalization plan will be completed so that work on the park can commence this summer.

The Village will hold our annual elections on Tuesday, March 21st at Village Hall. Polls will be open from noon to 9pm. This year residents will be voting on three positions, Mayor and two Trustee positions. Running this year is Frank Demento for Mayor, Patrick Hance and Lawrence Ceriello for the two Trustee positions.
From the Mayor: I would like to take this time to thank the Residents for their support over the last four years. It’s been a tremendous honor to serve the Village and I wish the new Board the best of luck while they continue to uphold the standards our Village has come to expect. In addition, I wanted to give the residents a status of a few initiatives that are still outstanding.

To date, the Board has held two meetings to further educate the Board and Village residents on the specifics of LPR technology and how the Nassau County Police utilize the data. The next steps, if the future Board feels inclined, would be to go out to bid to better understand the cost of implementing the technology and then hold a public hearing and vote. Currently, there are no plans to move this initiative further.

The Village has been advised that our Appeal will be argued March 16, 2017, in Appellate Division 2nd Department, 45 Monroe Place, and Brooklyn. The Village will advise residents of the decision once it is made available.

The Village continues to work with administrators at the Manhasset School District and the leadership at the Congregational Church to devise a walkway solution to keep children from having to walk down Northern Boulevard when utilizing parking at the Congregational Church. The Board will advise residents once a solution has been approved by our building advisory committee.

NEXT MEETING: Our next meeting will be Wednesday, April 12, 2017 at 7:30pm. 

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact any of the trustees:
Mayor  Sean Haggerty
Deputy Mayor  John Lippmann
Trustee Frank DeMento
Trustee  Patrick Hance
Trustee  Jennifer Noone


AuthorBarbara Miller