National Grid has taken advance steps to prepare LIPA’s system for an impending storm which is predicted to bring rain, snow, localized flooding and damaging winds to Long Island, with sustained winds of 30-35 mph and gusts potentially reaching 50 mph. Weather forecasters are predicting that this slow moving storm will impact Long Island for an extended period, arriving mid-afternoon today and continuing into Friday. As a result, there is a potential for the storm to cause widespread electrical outages.

We are closely monitoring the storm’s progress as we continue to take numerous advance steps to prepare the system for the predicted weather and to position the company for an efficient and timely restoration effort. Among other actions, we have secured extra repair crews and support personnel, increased staffing at our Customer Call Center, prepared all restoration equipment and inventories and pre-stocked strategic locations across the Island with wires, transformers, and additional restoration equipment. Additionally, we continue to proactively contact critical care facilities, elected officials and municipal leaders to discuss our storm preparation efforts and ensure that they are taking appropriate actions to prepare themselves for the upcoming weather.

As we prepare, it is also important that our customers take steps to prepare as well. As the storm approaches, customers should take the following steps to prepare.

  • •Make sure you have a working, battery powered radio or TV and a good supply of fresh replacement batteries. Have flashlights available for all family members.
  • •If an electric pump supplies your water, fill spare food-grade containers with water for cooking and washing in anticipation of a possible power interruption.
  • •Make sure all motor driven equipment, such as garage door openers, can be operated manually.
  • •When using a portable generator, make sure all LIPA-powered equipment is disconnected. This will avoid severe hazards when reconnecting the power to your home or business.
  • •Have a first aid kit at home and check its contents to make sure they are complete and up to date. If you have family members with special medical needs, such as insulin or other prescription drugs, check to make sure you have an adequate supply.
  • •Do not use charcoal to cook indoors: deadly carbon monoxide gas can accumulate in your home.
  • •If you have an elderly neighbor, be a Good Samaritan and check on his or her status.

Additional storm safety and preparedness tips and an informational video and guidance are available on the Long Island Power Authority’s (LIPA) Storm Center website at

In the event of outages resulting from the storm, power will be restored to all customers affected as quickly and safely as possible. Should you experience an outage as a result of the storm, it is important that you report it to through the Long Island Power Authority’s (LIPA) hotline: 1-800-490-0075 or at 631-755-6900 or by visiting their Storm Center website from a computer or mobile device. To report via text messaging, text OUT to myLIPA (695472) - pre-registration is required.

We would also like to remind customers to be alert. Please drive carefully and exercise caution when driving near any of the repair crews working to restore power. If you see any downed wire, assume it is live and do not go near it. Report it immediately to 1-800- 490-0075 or at 631-755-6900

AuthorVillage Administrator